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10 Foods That Will Make You Feel Happier

When life gets us down, our bodies and minds can’t function properly. You are hit with loss of appetite, lack of concentration, the feeling of stress, among other things. While thinking positively and exercising may help you through tough situations, it’s important to understand the science behind feeling down. avoc

The Science Behind Being Miserable

Meet serotonin -your well being depends on the balance of this chemical. Serotonin is produced by your brain and is associated with anxiety, fear, body temperature, violence, anger, fatigue, sleep, overall mood, and even suicidal attempts.

Under high stress your body is unable to produce enough serotonin to keep up with the demand, hence, your body makes you feel all the things above.

But don’t fear, there a number of foods which you can eat that will replenish your serotonin levels and hopefully make you happier!

10 Foods That Will Make You Feel Happier

foods that will make you happier

As always, try to buy organic or raw EVERYTHING. Share this with someone who is under stress.