tips for good marriage 12
tips for good marriage 12

10 Keys to A Great Marriage According To Happily Married

Married couples like Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson will tell you that a wonderful marriage does not just happen.

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Both husband and wife have to work at creating a great marriage from the day they exchange “I do.” If you want to have your “happily ever after” like the couple in the picture below, here are ten things you might enjoy musing over.

10 Great Marriage Tips 2

1. RESPECT can be listening attentively to your spouse when they are talking as well as keeping the house tidy because they worked hard on keeping the house clean.

10 Great Marriage Tips 3

2. NEVER KEEP SCORE of when each other was wrong. Remember that you BOTH make mistakes. Be an adult and move on.

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3. LOVE your spouse the way want to be loved. Just because they don’t say “I love you” 100x daily like you doesn’t mean they love you less.

10 Great Marriage Tips 5

4. DO NOT SHOUT at your spouse if they’ve already admitted their mistake and are truly sorry for messing up. It would just make you feel worse after and make your spouse communicate with you less. Be open about your hurt feelings and move on.

10 Great Marriage Tips 6

5. In an argument between married couples, there are NO WINNERS. You agree to work together because you are on the same team. ALWAYS.

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6. BE the spouse you would like TO HAVE. Remember that good begets good.

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7. CORRECT your spouse only when it’s important, and ALWAYS in a respectful way.

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8. IF your partner does the cleaning, folding, or what-have-you, DO NOT complain about how they did it or how it ended up. Say THANK YOU (and do it yourself next time if you want to.)

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9.  Give each other ALONE TIME. It is important to grow together as a couple, but not at the risk of losing who you are.

10 Great Marriage Tips 9

10. Do not always expect that your marriage is going to be 50-50. Sometimes it’s 60-40, even 30-70.

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