100 Best Weirdest Sexy Romantic Date Ideas

100 Unique Home Date Night Ideas

100 Best Weirdest Sexy Romantic Date Ideas

Almost everyone has run out of date ideas at some point. Now, with the current quarantine and lockdown, more people than ever are sitting at home with their SO’s. Staying together at home without any romance, fun activities, or spicing it up can put a serious strain on the relationship. That’s why I wrote a list of unique 100 stay-at-home date ideas. Bookmark it and use it whenever you are bored.

1. Autocomplete Movie

predictive autocomplete date idea

I came up with this one while bored out of my mind. Here’s how it goes. One person picks a random letter. You start typing a message with it and then autocomplete the next 3-4 words. Once you have your 3-4 words, you add “movie” at the end of it. Whatever google brings up first, that’s the movie you are watching. I forgot what I typed in, but I got a 1977 movie called “The Car”. It’s about a murderous car that causes chaos in a small town by mowing down random people. It’s as horrible and great as it sounds. Sharing a horrible movie is a great bonding experience.

2. Massage Parlor

Get out fresh and warm sheets from the dryer, set up your bed, get your massage oil, and incense out. Put on some relaxing music and do your best with the massage. It doesn’t have to be sexy, it can be just a relaxing experience. Simply even holding your warm hands over your SO’s back and body can be relaxing. Just a tip, try to dedicate one day to one person at a time. Nobody wants to get super relaxed just to have to get up and be put to work.

3. Spa for Their Feet

While we are on the topic of massage parlors, why not throw a foot massage in there? Whether it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend, they’ll both enjoy it equally. Put on their favorite movie and sit them on the couch. Get a bucket or basin of hot water, a bowl for scooping water up, some bubble bath, Epsom salts, sugar for exfoliating, and some moisturizer.  Really, a one minute YouTube video is enough to give a decent foot massage. Nobody expects you to be a professional chef or masseuse. Simply trying, showing attention, and being romantic is more than enough.

4. Get Crafty With It

You don’t have to be an artist or super creative to do something artistic together. Go to a craft store and pick up a packaged project. You can paint mugs, etch wine glasses, and do plenty of other fun projects together. Not only the learning experience will be fun but you’ll have a memory to show for it. Some of my favorite items in my house are ones made by my SO. If there was a fire in the house, those are the ones I’d grab over any expensive item.

5. Sew or Knit Something You’ll Wear

There’s a reason why older folks love knitting and sewing. It’s relaxing, fun, and it’s useful. It’s incredibly easy to start, you can crochet or knit. Just a warning – it’s addicting. Once you learn a basic pattern, you may yourself knitting away at age 25.

6. Make Love

Yep, you probably know about this one. However, when is the last time you made the night all about her/him? When was the last time you dressed up sexy and asked what they wanted? Maybe there are things you haven’t tried or maybe simply just showing some unexpected attention will do the trick. Cooped up at the house, sex gets very predictable. It gets boring. Spice it up.

7. Live the College Life

Order or make a pizza and eat it in bed while watching your favorite movie.

8. Stargaze in the Backyard

Have a truck? A hammock? A blanket? Doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold, dress for the weather and stare at the stars. It’s not often that we look up and appreciate how small we are. It gets us talking about things that we normally wouldn’t. There are apps that will show you which constellations you are looking at or what airplanes are flying above. But you don’t need a phone to make it an enjoyable and romantic night.

9. Surprise Desert

No one in the world will turn out their favorite dessert. Find out what they love and bake it up. Brew some tea and coffee to go along with it and you have yourself an awesome day date.

10. A Game of Trust

Now this one is highly risky but if you’re in quarantine for the next few weeks or months anyway, what the hell. Give each other haircuts. If you can’t handle that, you can settle for a makeover. It’ll be fun to see your boyfriend put your makeup on, or brush your hair, and your girlfriend to give you that buzzcut. If all goes well (it probably won’t), you may have found your new barber!

11. In-Home Picnic

Get the blanket, get the food basket, get the wine – all out for this picnic. You can set some nature scenery on your computer and play some nature sounds. It’s a picnic, but at home. Bonus points if you have a roof and can do it there.

12. Play Quidditch Beer Pong

Yes, it’s a thing. Look it up. And you claim to be a Harry Potter fan. Despicable.

13. Have a Runway Show

Each of you put together 5 wacky outfits together, put on some upbeat music, and get to stepping runway style. The person watching gets to clap and rate each outfit. You can wear the top picks for the rest of the night and share your new fashion on social media.

14. Make a Home Video

Woah, woah, woah! We didn’t say that kind of video. Although you can if you want. Just don’t post it anywhere. But what I’m talking about is picking a genre and trying your best to create a 2-minute trailer for a movie.  You can work together and have different roles in this movie production.  If you like music better, go for a music video. You’ll have something awesome to look back on.

15. Sexy Trivia

sexy trivia

Come up with some easy-medium difficulty questions. For each answer that the other person gets right, you take one piece of clothing off. You may learn interesting things about one another, or you may find out that your SO doesn’t know your mom’s name.

16. Food + Video Games

Bring back some food, or order-in and find some cool co-op games to play. Neither one of you has to be a gamer to have fun. You can play Super Mario or something a bit more advanced. I’ve had plenty of people who never played video games, insisted that they didn’t like them, only to have more of a blast them me when playing.

17. Build a Fort.

Blankets or pillows – it doesn’t matter. Construct a fort. Grab your snacks and laptop and enjoy being kids again. There’s something about the comfort of a fort that creates a unique atmosphere. You really can’t do it without feeling like a kid again.

18. Have a YouTube battle.

You’ve probably seen thousands of videos in your life that made you cry laughing. Who can come up with the funniest video? A DJ battle with great songs works too. You’ll learn a little something about each other. Next time you’ll have inside jokes you can share or you’ll add to your music playlist.

19. Fake a Restaurant

Dim your lights, put on a nice record, dress to impress, and cook something for your significant other. Have a nice bottle of wine. Bonus points if you draw up a menu and play the waiter part as well. You’ll never leave your home, but you’ll enjoy this restaurant experience as much as any Michelin star place.

20. Random Surprise Date Generator

When you are stuck together at home, there’s hardly a way to do a surprise date. But I came up with a way where both of you can be surprised by the date. Here’s how it works. You take a piece of paper and create 4 columns.

In the first column, in random order you’ll write adjectives like “call”, “take”, “walk to”, “write”, “read”, etc. Number each one.

In the second column, in random order, you’ll write a more precise adjective like “closest”, “newest”, “famous person”, “whatever 8 ball says”, “best rated”, “me”, etc. Number each one.

In the third column, in random order you’ll write nouns like “friend”, “scary movie”, “movie”, “park”, “Chinese restaurant”, “music video”, etc. Number each one.

In the final column, in random order, you’ll write something that may vaguely go together with the first three categories. That can be something like “compliment”, “social media story”, “in one minute”, “lie”, “meet up”, etc.

In the end, you’ll have 4 numbered columns. You’ll have your SO choose random numbers from each column. You’ll end up with a sentence that may or may not make sense. But that’s your new date idea. You’ll have to interpret what it means and roll with it. It may say “call closest Chinese restaurant in one minute” or it may say “walk to famous person scary movie lie” which makes no sense. But either one can be just as fun if you get creative.

But you can also keep it simple, write down all these date ideas on tiny pieces of paper, place them in a hat, and pick a random one.

21. Paint Along With Bob Ross and a Glass of Wine

Bob Ross is one of the dopest human beings of all time. He will turn you into the artist that you are. His tutorials are so easy and so pleasant to follow. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have a blast.

22. The Off-The-Grid Date

Shut off everything. Your phones, TVs, computers all go off. It’ll be awkward in the beginning, but by the end, you may end up in the longest and deepest conversation you ever had.

23. Romantic Bath

Candles, music, a drink – the whole shebang. Bonus points if you can actually fit in the bathtub. But one day, I hope to find a long enough bathtub.

24. Try a New Recipe Together

Find a random recipe that you have ingredients for and get started on the journey. You’ll both learn to cook something delicious and you’ll be rewarded with a meal. Can’t go wrong. Unless you burn the house down or get food poisoning. But think positive.

25. Sweat Date

You may be the type to go to the gym alone, or maybe one person doesn’t work out that much, but you’ll have fun anyway. Whoever leads this date idea, you’ll have to set it up in advance, prepare the yoga mat, the music, and the leadership. Make it so all the other person has to do is get up and participate. Most people will say no if you ask, but if you just rope them into the middle of it, they’ll enjoy it.

26. Game of Thrones Theme Night

themed date night idea

Fan of a movie or tv series? Do your best to dress up as the characters, make some food from the show (or something that looks like it), and have a blast.

27. Board Game Night

You probably have some fun games laying around. If you don’t, there are plenty of games you can print out online or make your own. However, play Monopoly with your loved one at your own risk.

28. Draw Each Other

Take turns being the model and do your best at drawing each other. You’ll either end up with something beautiful, cute or at least very funny. It’s always interesting to see how other people perceive you.

29. Truth or Drink

Ask a question. If they don’t want to answer, they take a shot. As long as you don’t make it an interrogation, it’s a lot of fun!

30. Blind Sense

guess the food item challenge

Here’s how it goes. You find random items around the house and the other person has to use one sense to guess what the object or food is. If it’s taste, you can mix several things together. They can also use sound only, you can tap the object on a hard surface.

31. Poetry Night

Each one of you takes an hour to write a piece of poetry about the other. It can be funny, romantic, or both. You’ll either end up in tears from laughter or love.

32. Create a Monster

A monster food that is. The world’s largest muffin. A giant cookie. Pizza with the most toppings. Humongous smoothie. Cake with crazy ingredients. There’s no shortage of ideas. Go wild!

33. One-Touch

no hands touch sexy date idea

Pick one item, it can be a fruit, an ice cube, your finger, or whatever else. That’s the only item you can touch and massage your significant other with. No other contact is allowed. It will turn into a wild night for sure.

34. Become a Mixologist

One of you learns 5 mixed drinks. Then they serve up a menu and make the ordered drinks for both. It’s fun to watch them being made and even more fun to drink them.

35. Hostage

Now, if you have a psycho significant other, please don’t play this as it may take a very different turn. Otherwise, one of you becomes the hostage while the other is the kidnapper. They get to tie you down in bed or a chair and do whatever they want with you. It’s kinky, sexy, and fun.

36. Get in Rhythm

Whether you suck at dancing or you are a pro, learning to dance together is extremely fun and romantic. Physical contact, music, and getting in sync – there’s nothing like it. Pick anything from line dancing to fancy ballroom dancing, to salsa.

37. Breakfast for Dinner

Do you know what’s better than dinner for dinner? Breakfast. If you are a fan of breakfast foods, you’ll love this. Cook up some eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, or whatever else you enjoy for breakfast. It’s such a simple idea but it’ll make your night.

38. Naked Cooking

This is what the nudists do. I assume. Strip completely naked and cook a meal for your SO. Don’t do it if your partner is very hungry, as the goal here is definitely not finishing the meal. There’s something exhilarating about being nude. If you feel shy, do no pants, or only underwear. A girl’s body is better suited for this, but hey, if the naked cowboy can play guitar naked, we won’t discriminate!

39. Sing Your Lungs Out

Is there a song that both of you love? Do some at-home karaoke. Typically, it’s one person who’s signing their favorite song in the shower, or while the other is trying to work, but together – it’s a lot of fun. You don’t need a karaoke machine, as a simple phone will work.

40. Wine Tasting

Buy a few cheap bottles of wine and taste wine like the pros. Gargle, spit and use wine terms to describe the taste. Don’t know any? Even better. Make up fancy descriptions as you go along. Pick your favorite and finish it together.

41. Whisper Challenge

One person gets headphones with loud music on. The other person whispers a phrase or a word and they try to guess it. It’s incredibly fun and much harder than it sounds.

41. Body Painting

Grab somebody paint or make your own and get started on your masterpieces. Each one of you is a canvas. It’s sensual, it’s relaxing, and you’ll definitely bond. Unless one of you draws a giant penis.

42. The Interview

No, not the movie. Each one of you gets to write 15 interesting questions to ask the other person. No “yes or no” questions. No generic questions. No common online questions. Think weird, deep, and open-ended. The better the questions, the better the answers.

43. Build a World

Not many of us will get to be architects or rulers of a nation. So do the next best thing. When was the last time you played with legos? If you can get your hands on some, build something awesome together. You can also play Sims or Rollercoaster tycoon and create a masterpiece virtually.

44. Take a Shot When…

Every movie or TV show has a weird drinking game with it. I remember when Walking Dead was at its peak, there was a drinking game that made you take a shot, every time Rick said “Carl”. Or “Coral”. There are plenty of hilarious games. But it doesn’t have to be a movie. It can be the president’s speech coming up. Or something else that’s predictable.

45. Love Coupons

love coupons date idea

Each one of you builds a mini coupon book. All you need is some paper, a pen, a stapler, and scissors. Write down 10-15 things that the other person can redeem at any time. It can be anything from a backrub to an immediate visit, or something more naughty. They get to pick one coupon to use that same night. Be prepared to honor what you write down, as otherwise, you’ll lose credibility.

46. Make Weekly Holidays

You’ve heard of Taco Tuesday. Or Thirsty Thursday. Create your own mini-tradition or holiday that you can celebrate and make into something you both look forward to. We rely too much on things like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries to do something special and fun. Create your own silly awesome holiday.

47. Puzzle

Do a puzzle together. I personally hate puzzles but doing them together with someone is still somewhat fun. If you get two people who are into it, problem-solving together can get addictive!

48. Paint a Wall

Pick a room and a wall. Go wild in creating some new art or simply paint it a new color. It’s fun and you’ll get a free makeover. Just use non-toxic paint that dries quickly. If you’re less than enthusiastic about painting, create a collage and frame that instead. It’ll still beautify your place.

49. Memory Wall Art

You and your significant other get to go through your photos and pick your favorite memories, cute Instagram photos, and your best photography. Then, upload them to Walmart online. Have them printed into wallet sizes, giant posters, or whatever else you want.  You’ll have photos to put up on your wall, in your wallet, or give to your friends. People simply don’t have physical photos anymore. Plus, it’s just fun to look back on your past trips or photos you took a long time ago.

50. Plan a Dream Vacation

It doesn’t matter if you are in quarantine. It doesn’t matter if you cannot afford it. It doesn’t matter that you don’t even have a passport. Plan a dream vacation together. Pick your favorite resorts, places of interest, and make your daily plans. Studies show that some people actually enjoy planning the vacation more than the vacation itself. It’s always fun to fantasize anyway. And perhaps someday, you’ll have a chance to go together and do exactly what you planned.

51. Twisted Yoga

Put a twist on yoga. Hot yoga, yoga, and wine, or even naked yoga are just some of the possibilities.

52. Wrong Love Letter

Write meaningful letters confessing your love for one another. Now, seal them in envelopes and put them in a stranger’s mailbox.

53. Build Your Statue of David

Take random household or desk items and build a statue that will express your love for your significant other. It will be more fun when you try to explain why you chose those items.

54. Start a Conspiracy Theory

Each one of you has 30 minutes to come up with the strangest conspiracy theory and then convince the other person why it’s true. Don’t pick ones that exist.

55. Same Team

Design t-shirts that you can wear together. They can be the same or you can design them based on the other person’s likes.

56. Meet Again

Rewind before you met. Message the other person as you have never met. Start the conversation from scratch and try to convince them to go out with you.

57. Treasure Hunt

Hide a cool prize and devise clues scattered throughout the house on how to find the said prize.  If you’re not a fan of solving puzzles, you can reveal clues if they do certain things for you.

58. Prank Callers

prank call date idea

Get ready to put on your best accents and come up with ideas on the spot. Each one of you gets to prank dial each other’s friends. Or, you can both pick someone you don’t know and call them up as a company. It can be about an overdue bill or the fact they keep stealing your newspaper. The other person can be the manager.

59. Tit for Tat

Take turns posting on each other’s social media accounts. The more outrageous the more fun. Just be careful as they have your social media account in their hands too.

60. Time to Go

Go through each other’s clothes and pick out 5 items that must go. You’ll donate those to a clothing drive. It’s a good way to give back, to get rid of some old clothes, and to look better for your partner. Now pick their 5 best items, these are the items they’ll wear next week.

61. Extreme Indoor Olympics

Create 5 wacky indoor events that you will compete in. It can be toilet paper gymnastics. Or broom pole vault. Or egg curling. Pick something that both of you will enjoy as a prize.

62. Mini Home Makeover

Take their personal spot and re-organize it or give it a full makeover. It doesn’t have to be an entire room. It can be their desk. We are often too lazy to organize or beautify our own space, but it can feel so good to see it finally clean and in order.

63. 100 Kisses

Find 100 reasons to kiss. Say things you enjoy about one another. Or perhaps apologize for something small in the past. Or celebrate something. The game ends when you have kissed 100 times.

64. Thief for a Week

Each one of you gets to steal an item from the other and use it for a week. Maybe your boyfriend’s hoodie. Maybe it’s your girlfriend’s chapstick.

65. Get Married

fake marriage date idea

Not for real. But make fake rings. Propose. Celebrate. And refer to each other as “my husband”, “my wife”, or Mr and Mrs “Whatever Your Last Name” for the rest of the day. If you wanna take it a step further, make a fake announcement to some friends, your parents, or on social media.

66. Bring Back Chivalry

Be overly chivalrous for the rest of the day to each other. Go out of your way to help them even with the most menial tasks. Open the doors to every room they go to. Lay down your hoodie for them to cross. Refer to them as Madam or Sir. Show them chivalry is not dead.

67. Put Up Christmas Lights Way too Early

Deck out the entire place with Christmas lights. Your place will look amazing with the lights off!

68. Boyfriend Nail Spa

Give your girlfriend a nail makeover. She’ll teach you the basics, you pick the color and the design.

69. <- This

70. Become Fans of a Strange Sport

Egg throwing, underwater hockey, sepak takraw, musical canine freestyle, lumberjack world championships, summer redneck games are some of the very real sports out there. Find a competition, pick your favorite competitor, and cheer them on.

71. Break a World Record

There are some weird and crazy world records out there. Some may even seem breakable. Give it your all and go for the record. You probably won’t break it, but you never know.

72. Incomunicado

most fun date ideas
Figuring out how to communicate without familiar words is a fun date idea.

Pick one language each that you don’t understand. That’s the language you’ll be speaking for the rest of the day using google translate. They are not allowed to translate it, they can only interpret what it means. You can use body language to help.

73. Sensual Comunicado

Speak only in sexual innuendos. Even going to wash your hands will be dirty – “Oh, I’m going to get myself real wet”.

74. Build a Time Capsule

Get a jar, a metal box, or something waterproof. Fill it with random cool stuff that means something to you right now. Bury it somewhere. Now make a pact to open it only in 10 years, and only together.

75. Jibberish

Invent a new word. Or maybe a sign language that only you two understand. Not only it’s fun but it’ll allow you to come up with words or signals that you can use to get out of situations. Need to dip early from a party? No problem, use your made-up language.

76. Pet & Owner

One of you becomes the pet and one of you is the owner. The owner will bottle feed, pet, take them on walks, and whatever else they deem necessary to keep the pet happy. The pet will obey. Make it as kinky or humorous as you want it to be.

77. Travel Back to Your Birthday

Use a site like My Birthday Facts to find out what was popular on your birthday. Google your birthdate to see what news there were at the time. You were too young to remember what was going on, but now you can find out. This is all just a big ploy to make sure you never forget each other’s birthdays again. OCTOBER 1ST. NEVER FORGET.

78. 90’s Night

Or whatever your favorite decade is. Play only music from that time. Use phrases popular from then. Watch cartoons or movies from that time period.

79. Browse Internet’s Weirdest Sites

And boy, there are a lot of them. Here is the hall of fame of the weirdest websites on the internet.

80. The Great Indoors

indoor camping date
Roast marshmallows in the great indoors.

Most people love camping. What most don’t love are the mosquitoes and the lack of bathrooms. Luckily, neither will be a problem in your home. Whether it’s setting up a tent in your backyard or your living room, nothing beats the great indoors. If you live in an apartment, you can still toast marshmallows and make smores on your stovetop.

81. Fight

Put on some gloves and learn the basics of boxing together. One day it can save your life. Sparring with each other takes trust, which is a pillar of any relationship.

82. Meet Strangers Online

Go on as a duo and talk to strangers online. Chatroulette or Omegle is the original two places where you get matched up with a stranger by a click of a button. I must warn you – there are LOTS of penises. Some people are creeps. But overall, it’s always a fun experience.

83. Catfish

Create a dating profile together and start up some conversations with strangers. Take turns with your best pick up lines and see which ones work best. However, please don’t mess with people too much. You know, don’t carefully curate conversations for months, make them fall in love with you, make them transfer money, and then tell them you died. I guess I watched too much MTV.

84. Are You a Magician?

Because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears. That’s my attempt at a pickup line. Now shoot your best pickup lines and try to charm each other. It’s much funnier if you try to create your own.

85. Strip & Tease

I’m gonna go ahead and create a new word from these two and I shall call it – striptease. Both of you take turns stripping for each other and performing your best Magic Mike and Hustlers moves with some music. For added bonus, get a lot of singles. Although monopoly money works.

86. DM Your Celebrity Friends

Oh, you don’t have any? Perfect. Because each one of you will take turns DMing various celebrities. Craft some clever messages and you just may hear back from one. We’ve never lived in a time where people were so easy to reach. For better chances, avoid celebrities with millions of followers, as they receive hundreds of DMs daily. Stick to your favorite low-key celebrities. Just knowing that your DM is sitting in their phone is awesome by itself.

87. Get Naughty

I’m sorry, I ran out of clever headlines. Buy some strawberries, chocolate, oil, or simply get some ice cubes. Get naughty with them. You cannot fail. Even if it doesn’t end up in a sexual adventure, at the very least you’ll have strawberries and chocolate. Win-win.

88. Whisper

sexy date ideas

Slowly whisper into your partner’s ear all the things you’d want to do to them.  No touching for 15 minutes.

89. Photoshop Kings

Know the basics of Photoshop? Or Paint? Take some of your friend’s or your own photos and make them into something ridiculous. I love taking random photos of people and making them into movie posters for example.

90. Heads Up

You don’t need an app or to buy a board game version of this. Heads up is a game where you hold up a word to your forehead and the other person has to give you clues and make you guess it without using the word. For your DIY version, just cut up pieces of paper, write various people or things on them, and then switch piles. Lick one side of the paper and glue it on the forehead. Now, your partner will give you clues and you’ll guess what it is.

91. Blind Man’s Bluff

Speaking of cool games for two that don’t require too much, get a deck of cards and play Blind Man’s Bluff. Shuffle the deck and take 1/2 of the deck each. Now, without looking, take a random card each and place it on your foreheads. Now, you get to make a bet by looking at the other person’s card on your chances of beating that card. The fun part is that you don’t know what your card is, but you can get some clues. For example, if your partner is laughing in your face, it’s a good clue that you may not win that hand. I love playing this game and betting with fancy chocolates or candy that are not as abundant as skittles for example. I find that this is also a good way to see if your partner is a degenerate gambler that may lose your house in the future.

92. Shopping Spree

Just a heads up – don’t play this with a shopaholic or a gold digger. Each one of you gets one hour to build a shopping list for the other person. This is a fantasy shopping list, not one that you’ll actually buy. So it can be anything from fanciest homes, cars, clothing, or their favorite snacks. It’s a good way to see how well you know each other. It’s always interesting to see what the other person would buy you if they were your sugar daddy or momma.

93. Get to Know Me

For this date, one person gets to make a presentation of their life from when they were born to now. You can use home videos, photos, or go all out with a PowerPoint presentation. It’s about where you came from, who you are, and how you got here. It’s a deep dive into your past to help you understand each other better. It doesn’t have to be serious, but it can be.

94. All You Day

I got this idea from the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Pick one day for the year (or month if you are dedicated). That day will be like another birthday, except better. On your day, you will be in charge of everything. The entire day revolves around you and the other person is not allowed to complain. For every complaint, the day gets extended another hour. Now, this is not a day to make your significant other your slave. It’s just a date to do all the things you love or ones that you always wanted to try together. It should be enjoyable for both.

95. Taste Test

Buy a bunch of different flavors of something and sample them all. Maybe it will be vegan ice cream, kombucha, or chip flavors. There are a lot of things to taste out there. You may just discover something new you love. If you’re a good cook, you can make a few different things yourself and have a taste test. Different pancakes are a good start for beginners.

96. The Apology Letter

Most of us have said or done things we regret. But for the most part, we suck admitting our faults and we definitely suck at sincere apologies. Well here’s your chance to change that. Write an apology letter to each other. I know it doesn’t sound like fun or romantic, but believe me, it will bring you closer together. You may be surprised by the things the other person writes. This is not an opportunity to get someone to apologize to you. This is an opportunity for both people to acknowledge things they may have done wrong and stuff they’ve been holding on to. Start out the letters with the smallest and most minuscule things like not holding the door for someone, or not texting them back. Then get to the stuff that really bothers you. It’s a bonding experience and a way to get closer together.

97. The Love Letter

This one is the opposite of the apology letter, but you can do both of them together. In this letter, you will write all the little things you love about the person. The more precise the details are the better. Avoid generic things like “you are funny and smart”. Get specific. This is a moment to reflect on why you fell in love and why you are together.

98. Buy Wacky Clothes

Go online and find the most outrageous clothes to buy each other. Maybe it’s an astronaut sloth t-shirt. Or Crocs. They have to wear this outfit for the next party or gathering that comes up. The trick is, you each get one item that you get to pass to the other person. So you may end up wearing that giant chocolate chip necklace yourself.

99. Compliment Spree

Write down 10 of your closest people. The other person should know all the people on the list. Now the other person gets to write down one compliment and one thing they appreciate about that person. It’s not often that we get to say nice things about each other’s parents or friends. It’ll teach you to see the good in people and find common ground with people you may not get along with. Next time you see her dad, you can think back to this list.

100. Date Ideas

Yes, I’m struggling here to finish 100 date ideas. But it’s not for me, I swear. Create your own date ideas or pick some from the list and make a list of favorites that both of you want to do. As much fun as surprises are, it’s also cool to have something to look forward to, and have something on hand whenever you get bored or get a day off.  You know how you want to watch a movie on Netflix, but then proceed to look for movies for the next 3 hours until you fall asleep without watching anything? The same happens with date ideas.