easy ways to cleanse body from toxins
easy ways to cleanse body from toxins

11 Strange But Easy Ways to Cleanse Toxins in Your Body

Our surrounding environment is full of toxic substances and toxins which make our immune system vulnerable. Toxins are everywhere – starting from food to the gadgets that we use every day. We can avoid a number of health issues by detoxing our body.

You can try taking the following easy methods to detox your body and lead a healthier life.

1. Avoid refined sugars.

Artificial sweeteners and refined sugars prevent our body’s natural metabolism from functioning properly.1 As a result, our glucose level goes up and we gain weight rapidly. You can always replace refined sugars with organic coconut sugar. However, it should be still used in moderation as they still contain high amounts of fructose.

2. Eat organic.

Organic foods such as meat, vegetables, and fruits are devoid of pesticides, toxins, and harmful antibiotics. When you choose organic foods, it makes your metabolism function better and makes it easier to wash away toxic elements. Processed foods are not able to provide the same amount of nutrients as the organic ones.2 You can either buy vegetables from farmer’s market or grow your own.

3. Drink a lot of water.

Water is the best way to flush away toxic substances from your system. Depending on your level of water consummation, the body will get rid of harmful components through urinary tract.3 You can simply add 2tbsp of organic apple vinegar to a gallon of water and drink the mixture every morning.

4. Replace morning coffee with green tea.4

Cafestol, responsible for increasing cholesterol level, is a component of coffee. Swap coffee for green tea or better yet, matcha tea, to avoid bad cholesterol build-up and get other awesome benefits for your body.

5. Hit the gym or sauna.

Sweating is the best way to cleanse your body of toxins naturally. You can go to sauna to sweat and cleanse yourself.5 However, you should consult your physician first; since exposure to high-temperature may have adverse effect on some people.

Exercise is another way to sweat it out. Find a workout that suits your goals and your style. Just don’t forget to take a shower after you work out.

6. Make detox smoothies.

With a small change in eating habits you can experience a substantial improvement on your body’s detoxication abilities. Consuming raw dietary fibers certainly improves digestion and cleanses the system. Learn to prepare smoothies with yogurt or kefir (or other effective probiotic foods).6 You can use any combination, as long as they are raw.

7. Drink red wine.

Though it might sound unbelievable, red wine can do wonders for your body. When you consume glass of red wine on a daily basis, it improves cholesterol level and can act as an effective defense against urinary tract infection.

8. Try fasting from time to time.

Since the day we are born, we load our digestive system and bodies with foods. Some or most of the time it’s foods that we shouldn’t consume in the first place. We don’t let our bodies rest or our digestive systems to reset themselves. 7 By fasting occasionally, you can cleanse your body of toxic substances and fasting correctly can actually reset your immune system entirely.8 It will also increase your appetite for healthy foods.

9. Make probiotics or probiotic foods your favorite.

You can either take probiotic supplements or these probiotic foods to facilitate better functioning of your intestines and stomach.9 Take probiotics on a daily basis to help your digestive system to work more efficiently.

10. Clear the air from toxins.

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t live in the middle of a forest. The air coming into your house is from surrounding cities, farms, and other source of pollution. Make sure that you purify the air in your house. You can simply get an air purifier to make sure you don’t breathe the bad air. Or, you can occasionally clean the floor with a wet mop, which is also helpful. You can also utilize any of these 18 plants deemed by NASA to get the cleanest air in your home.

11. Use activated charcoal.

Coconut shells, burned wood, and debris – these all are primarily activated charcoal.10 Since there is no oxygen in the burned substance, it is really absorbent. So, it has the ability to clean poisonous particles, toxins, and heavy metals from your body. You may take a pill before every meal to get the most out of it.

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