114 year olds secrets to young healthy life2
114 year olds secrets to young healthy life2

114-Year-Old Man Shares His Secrets to Longevity

Bernando LaPallo is a man who gets commonly mistaken for being 80 years old. While some might find that offensive, it’s a compliment to Bernando LaPallo who is now 114 years old. This makes him one of the oldest people in the world. However, Bernando hardly looks or feels his age. Bernando was born in 1901, in a time where no cars or airplanes existed yet. He confesses that he has not been a sick a day in his life.

In a rare interview, Bernando shares his secrets for living a long and healthy life.


Moving around is a big part of Bernando’s routine. At 114, he still walks every morning, which is certainly more than can be said about most people of 65 and older. “Walking is the best exercise you can have, and it is the cheapest,” Bernando explains. “The smartest thing to do is walk on a regular basis, but don’t overdo it. … I’d say start with a mile and then work up to two miles round trip. Since you are human, take care of your body like a temple and if you do so it will last longer”. He is also a big believer of keeping his brain active and is an avid reader, loves playing checkers and doing his favorite – crosswords. “It keeps your brain functioning. You will come across a word, and you will want to find out about it.”

Rest in Moderation

While Bernando believes in resting and having plenty of sleep, he thinks too much rest can be a bad thing. He thinks it’s important to exercise and move around, especially if you have a sitting job. He mentions that when he used to sail at sea, he would get up early in the morning and walk the deck.

Healthy Diet

“You are what you eat”, says Bernando. An old saying which he lives his life by. He said he eats mostly organic fruits and vegetables and has listened to his father (who lived to be 98) who cautioned him to avoid red meat. Lamb, however, he says is okay. He also avoids foods like hot dogs and fries like a plague.

It’s no wonder that people ask him all the time, how does he stay so young and healthy? Bernando credits these 5 foods being vital to his health:

5 foods for a long healthy life

Here is the interview below, Bernando was 110 at the time. He is still alive and well as of this post, and he just turned 114 years old! He remains an inspiration to all those trying to stay young and healthy. If you want to learn more about Bernando, he recently wrote a book called Age Less, Live More.