12 gift ideas for healthy people
12 gift ideas for healthy people

12 Great Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious

So you are probably here because you are looking for a gift for someone who is into their health. Whether they are trying to turn their diet around or lead a very healthy lifestyle, it may seem that it’s quite hard to pick out the right gift. Cakes, gift cards to restaurants, expensive bottles of liquor just don’t seem appealing to them. You think they deserve something more creative or at least something that supports their lifestyle. Well look no further, I’ve looked around and found some last minute gifts that you can give to your health-conscious friends, girlfriends, husbands, etc.

1) 1:Face Charity Watch


These watches aren’t just modern and look great. They promote a cause as well. Different watch styles contribute to different charities. For example, one white watch will provide 16 meals to a person in need. For the price, it’s actually a good quality watch, and whoever you are giving it to will feel great about wearing it.

Check it out on 1FaceWatch.

2) Sprout Pencils


The sprout pencil wants to become a plant when it grows up. Once the pencil is too small to be sharpened and you are about to throw it away, you can plant it instead. In less than two weeks you will see herbs grow right from your pencil. Awesome? We think so!

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3) Kerr Glass Mason Jars


Mason jars are very useful. Whether you want to store your leftover green smoothies or can some food, they’re perfect. You can also remove the tops and just drink out of them, just as you would out of a regular glass. Not to mention that they are quite cheap. You can also sometimes find these at your local dollar stores. As an extra bonus, fill the jars with healthy goodies.

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4) Click and Grow Smart Garden


Click and grow is gardening for the geeks. Through their technology, you are able to supply the plants with just the right amount of oxygen and nutrients every time. For those that love technology AND gardening, this is an awesome toy.

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5) LuminAID Solar Powered Light


LuminAID was designed to provide light for people after the natural disaster in Haiti. It’s an inflatable light that is charged by the sun, and that provides free, renewable light for many hours. It’s certainly something to keep in case of emergencies or when going camping. Not to mention that if you choose the give light, get light option, you will also give safe, sustainable light sources for those in need. So you can present the gift along with the idea where some of the money went.

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6) Ninja Kitchen Blender


If they don’t have a blender, it’s certainly a great gift. Anyone looking in becoming more healthy, should look into making some green smoothies. They’re healthy and delicious. You can also make dough, coctails and more. Ninja makes some quality blenders at affordable prices.

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7) Portable Yoga Mat


Yoga has countless benefits for the body and mind. And it’s never too late to start. It’s an affordable way to get your exercise and to avoid many healthy problems. Chances are, they thought about doing yoga at some point in their life. This is just the push they may need. This yoga mat is very portable and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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8) Food Huggers


Food Huggers are small caps that you can put on your fruits and veggies to keep them fresh. You can save food and money, by preserving your food. They are made from a BPA-free silicone material. Certainly a useful tool in anyone’s kitchen.

Check it out on TryCelery.

9) Lumio Book Lamp


Lumio is a book that turns into a light source when you open it. Sure, it’s got nothing to do with being health-conscious, but everyone will love its breathtaking and creative design! It’s hard to bring a stable light on the go, but with Lumio its just like carrying a regular book.

Check it out on HelloLumio.

Here’s a cheaper alternative on Amazon.

10) Gravity Defying Wine Holder


Everyone loves wine (or at least pretends to on special occasions), so you can’t go wrong with this one. This is a head turner for sure. Not only it holds the wine, but it does it with style and grace. It’s a conversation piece, but a useful one at that.

Check it out on Amazon. Or get some more unique options at Etsy.

11) Wedderspoon Manuka Honey


Yes, that’s the $40 honey that you often see on the shelves. You’ve been wondering why would anyone in their right mind would pay that much, when you can grab a jar of normal honey. Well, there’s a big difference between regular and raw manuka honey. Organic honey can provide a ton of health benefits with its pure bee pollen. This particular honey comes from the mountains of New Zealand south island. Read more about manuka honey and educate them about it. I’m sure whoever you are giving to will be impressed. Plus, everyone loves something a little sweet!

12) Something That You Made


Put a little effort and creativity into your gift. Sure it’s already hard work putting your name on the card. But the time that you spend on searching for a gift, you could put your creative skills to use. Anything is better than boring gift cards and unnecessary gifts. Hand made gifts are not just for 5 year olds to give to their mommies. Everyone appreciates a little effort. Bake something healthy for them. Or take a few things – make it into something useful or beautiful. Create, build, upcycle, re-purpose and reuse! It’s environmentally friendly, efficient, free and creative! Chances are they would much rather have you make them a nice card then get something that they will never use. And if you are not feeling creative yourself, check out Etsy.com. They offer a ton of one of a kind, handmade items.