gluten free sandwich recipes1
gluten free sandwich recipes1

13 Clever & Gluten-Free Alternatives to Bread

When I found out that I had Celiac disease it was almost like the doctor telling me I had only a few days to live. Finding out that I could no longer eat gluten meant I had to say goodbye to sandwiches, muffins, cookies, and wraps. All of which made up a sizable portion of my diet. Tom Hanks screamed in horror and full of heartache when he lost “Wilson” and I felt quite similarly losing all my favorite foods and treats in one day.

It took me a while to mentally accept the fact that I had to find other options, but I eventually did. What I discovered after losing gluten-filled products is that I’ve been missing out on a whole world of deliciousness. The addicting nature of these wheat-based products not only prevented me from better health but also from new exciting foods that I would not have tried otherwise. Here are some awesome alternatives I discovered for bread along the way. However, I don’t look at these as alternatives, rather than healthier and more delicious ways to eat.

1. Collard Green Wrap

gluten-free-collard-green-wrapsRecipe via Avocado Pesto

Collard greens are fantastic and they make even better wraps. I’ve picked up a big handful in my local supermarket for under $3. I’ve been using these for burrito type wraps for the last few months. They are super sturdy, nutritious and add a much-needed taste to otherwise boring wraps. Healthy and gluten-free wraps can cost as much as $10 per few wraps. This is a far better alternative.

Try this idea: Raw Vegan Collard Wraps

2. Tempeh “Bread”


Tempeh bread is crispy and chewy. It’s high in proteins and low in carbs and makes a fantastic alternative to bread.

Try this idea: Tempeh Sandwich

3. Portobello Buns

portobello-bun-recipeOne day I was grilling burgers and decided to grill some portobello mushrooms as well. As we ran out of buns for the burgers an unusual yet fairly obvious idea came to my head. Why not use the mushrooms for the bun? While it’s a bit messier, it’s a mushroom lover’s dream.

Try this idea: Portobello and Pumpkin Butter Mushroom Burger

4. Lettuce Cups

Thai-Chicken-Lettuce-Cups-RecipeOne of the simplest alternatives to bread is lettuce. They are perfectly shaped to be filled with goodies and they are very refreshing! I like to leave them open as they look way more delicious and can be used to scoop some hummus as well.

Try this idea: Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

5. Rice Wraps


If you’ve ever made spring rolls at home, you know how easy it is using rice wrappers. Try this modern twist on spring rolls using quinoa and sesame oil

Try this idea: Sesame and Quinoa Spring Rolls

6. Sweet Potato Buns

sweet-potato-noodle-bun-gluten-free-recipeStuffed sweet potatoes are a must. However, there are much more ways to use the nutritious sweet potatoes, including as a bun.

Try this idea: Sweet Potato Spiraled Sandwich Buns

7. Fruit Buns

watermelon-cheese-sandwich-recipeA big portion of your health depends on staying hydrated, especially in the summer. What better way to do so than by using your fruits as buns for a quick snack or sandwich?

Try this idea: Watermelon Goat Cheese Sandwich

8. Eggplant Buns

eggplant-bean-burger-recipeEggplant is sturdy, soft and half the calories of a typical bun. That’s why it makes such a great bun for your next burger or sandwich.

Try this idea: Eggplant Bun Burger

9. Lettuce Wrap

lettuce-wraps-gluten-free-organicsWe’ve mentioned that you can use lettuce as cups or bowls for your next meal. With a bit of extra work, you can use them as wraps as well.

Try this idea: Paleo Steak Lettuce Wraps with Cashew Sauce

10. Cabbage Wrap


For those who prefer the taste of cabbage over lettuce, it may be even a better alternative for wraps. They bend much more easily, and won’t break or crack.

Try this idea: Cabbage Breakfast Burrito With Sweet Potato Noodles

11. Carrot Oatmeal Pancakes


Calling all healthy grill masters! Have you ever thought you’d be using carrots to make a bun for your burgers? Unlike typical burger buns, these are filled with nutrients and won’t overload you. It’s a perfect addition to a vegan burger.

Try this idea: Carrot Pancake Burger with Eggplant

12. Cauliflower Buns


I’ve used cauliflower in many ways up until now, but I would have never thought to use it as a crispy bun. Cauliflower is a fantastic source of Vitamin C.

Try this idea: Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Cauliflower Crust

13. Brown Rice Bread


While there are many incredible gluten-free sandwich type of options out there, I still miss bread sometimes. However, a cheat day is not an option when you have Celiacs. But thanks to bread made from brown rice, you can make your old fashioned toast or even this crunchy and chewy sandwich combo.

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