13 Shocking Before and After Images of California Drought

California has been going through an extreme drought for the last four years and the conditions are almost of a world ending movie set in a distant future. But the future is now, and the drought has left California’s valley fields bare and dry, farmers have watched as their crops all but died, and water supply has been in extreme shortage. The government has issued state-wide warnings to use less water and threatened to fine water-wasters with up to $10,000 fines. Brown has become the new green in the state of California.

Residents in the most affected cities and beyond are adjusting their lifestyles to match the conditions of their environment. But not to say that the rest of the country has not been affected by this. California is a big grower of crops and a lot of exports are made to the states nearby and beyond. But the biggest toll was taken on nature. 13 images below show shocking effects the drought has had on nature over the last 4 years as reservoirs and lakes have almost completely disappeared.

1. Lake Oroville


2. Lake Oroville


4. Lake Oroville

shocking-california-drought-before-after (11)

5. Lake Orovillecalifornia-drought-3

6. Folsom Dam


7. Folsom Damshocking-california-drought-before-after (7)

8. Folsom Lake

shocking-california-drought-before-after (8)9. Bidwell Marina at Lake Oroville
shocking-california-drought-before-after (10)

10. Bidwell Marina at Lake Oroville


11. Bidwell Marina at Lake Oroville

shocking-california-drought-before-after (4)

12. Satellite View of Jaguari Reservoir

shocking-california-drought-before-after (1)

13. Satellite View of California
shocking-california-drought-before-after (9)

End of California?

While droughts happen, this is undoubtedly worsened by our pollution and treatment of the environment. Time and time again we are proven that climate change is happening right now. We have heard of national disasters increasing and happening all around the world but this is right in our home. Some say this will be the end of California, but Californians are ingenious people, and they should be able to persevere. However, one thing is sure, the landscape and nature of sunny California will never be the same. Hopefully, this will serve a wake-up call for many to change their wasteful habits in other areas of the country and fight to improve our environment. Very serious water shortages are already predicted by 2030 and you are witnessing the start.

Please share these images with your friends.  You can help by conserving energy, water, fossil fuels and being as efficient as possible.

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Oroville Lake levels now at highest they’ve been in 7 years! Looks like all that hard work to protect the earth has paid off! Great work everyone!

Richard Brown
Richard Brown

I kind of miss the old drought days. Now people are back to wasting water as if it will never run out.