amazing cooking hacks tricks
amazing cooking hacks tricks

15 Amazing Cooking Tips & Hacks

Cooking is a form of art. Unfortunately, not all of us are artistic or great cooks. But use these pro tips and hacks and become a better cook instantly and impress everyone.

15 Amazing Cooking Tips & Hacks

1. Peel A Hard Boiled Egg Fast

To avoid the mess of peeling a hard boiled egg, fill a plain old mason jar with cold water, place the egg in it and cover the mouth of the jar with your palm. Now shake the jar properly. The peel will take itself off!

2. Peel Garlic in Seconds

Use the same jar to remove the messy husk and peels off a garlic bulb, but don’t fill any water this time.

3.  Peel a Kiwi Really Fast

Cut a ripe kiwi length wise and use the edge of the glass or a tablespoon to scoop out the fruit right off the peel.

4. Slice a Bell Pepper Like a Pro

Slice the top and bottom of a bell pepper and run your knife around the central core. This will remove all the seeds, leaving you with an open cone pepper. Easy!

5. Peel a Boiled Potato Quicker

To peel the boiled potato easily, run your knife around the potato in a full circle, around the circumference of the potato, just deep enough to go through the skin before putting it in boiling water.

6. Core Cherries Fast

To core cherries easily, place a ripe cherry on the mouth of a bottle and push the seed out by pushing from the top of the fruit using a skewer.

7. Shape Your Dough with a Wine Bottle

When there is no rolling pin to shape your dough, an empty washed wine bottle comes in handy!

8. Separate Egg Yolks Fast

Separate the yolks from whites using an empty plastic bottle. Hover the mouth of the bottle over the yolk and let the bottle pull it in!

9. Plastic Bottle Pancake Mix

In a plastic bottle, mix milk, egg, flour, salt or sugar, and oil and give it a shake to mix. Use this batter to make perfect pancakes!

10. Reuse Egg Box for Storage

Cut the indented portion of an egg box and use it on the fridge door to store condiment bottles upside down.

11.  Soften Butter with a Glass

Cover your butter with a hot glass before slicing it for your bread. This makes spreading butter as easy as butter.

12. Stop Your Cutting Board From Moving

To keep your chopping board from moving while you cut on it, place a wet paper towel underneath.

13. Instant Delicious Popsicles

Make yogurt popsicles by inserting skewers or popsicle sticks into sealed packs of yogurt and freezing them. Isn’t that simple!

14. Lemon Ice Cubes

Slice up a lemon and sweet lime, and freeze them in water to make tasty ice cubes for your drinks.

15. Meaty Spaghetti

Poke uncooked, hard spaghetti through pieces of sausage and boil together to make meaty spaghetti.