15 Best Hidden Travel Destinations in Europe

When thinking about a trip to Europe, what places come to mind? The Swiss Alps? Paris? The Vatican? Did you know that there are more breathtaking spots aside from these most popular tourist attractions? A well-planned trip to the following 15 less frequented travel spots in the European continent should definitely make your bucket list!

1.) Spain – Asturias and Covadonga Convent

2) Austria – Salzkammergut region

3) Portugal – The Azores

4) Czech Republic – Lednice-Valtice

5) Croatia – Pag Island

6) Slovenia – Piran

7) Italy – Portofino

8) Belgium – Dinant

9) Malta – Mellieha

10) England – Weymouth

11) Montenegro – Skadar Lake National Park

12) Albania – Berat

13) Poland – Gdansk

14) Germany – Saxony

15) Croata – Zadar

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