15 Cheap Items to Buy to Make You Look Rich

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on social media about this guy taking a selfie as he basked in the sun at a beach somewhere. What he didn’t know was someone was taking a photo of him, as he was taking his selfie. The “beach” was really a large pile of sand in front of a building under construction. A cell phone and a huge mound of sand equals a “Bahamas-” looking selfie. So, what other things can make you look like a million bucks? Here are 15 of them we’ve come up with. Let us know what you think!

1. Be a member of NYC theater seat-filler clubs. Did you know that for about $100/year, you can watch Broadway & Off-Broadway shows for free and a processing fee of FIVE DOLLARS?!

NYC theater filler

2. Wear gold earrings with zirconia drops.

zirconia drop earrings

3. Add under cabinet lighting… made from rechargeable led strips and magnets.

kitchen led lighting

4. When you have guests coming over,  put a small table in your living room with a pitcher of water infused with cucumbers and lemon.

fruit infused water


5. Have a bowl of lemons to “add color to a room” or good Feng Shui.

bowl of lemons

6. Get 3-ply toilet paper and get praised for having “good stuff.” Get some good reading material for the bathroom too while you are at it.

3 ply toilet paper

7. Buy jewelry made with lab-created diamonds. Yes, the ones in the picture are just stimulated diamonds. Experts can’t tell they aren’t real, neither will your friends. Plus, you won’t be fueling world conflicts either.

8. Get yourself some leather gloves for around $9-10.

leather gloves - items to make you look rich


9. Get a credit card in black or metal. It doesn’t have to be one that costs $500 per year. If it’s black or metal, people will naturally assume it’s an expensive one.

black visa card

10. When you need to give a handshake, make it firm. Good manners makes you look affluent.

firm handshake

11.  A well-fitted black shirt makes for an understated wealthy look.

fitted black shirt make you look rich

12. Offer guests 12+ variations of tea. Don’t forget the Earl Grey. For extra points, get a fancy box to organize your tea and add your favorite varieties.

tea set

13. A sweatshirt with the name of an Ivy League school emblazoned on it.

harvard sweatshirt

14. Use a fancy decanter like this one and fill it with cheap alcohol.

decanter to make you look rich

15. Try using a money clip.  Make it gold for extra fancy points.