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tiny homes

15 Perfectly Tiny Homes

Minimalistic can be a scary term for most people. To them, it implies that something is a lesser version of what it should be. However, the people with these tiny homes below remind us that minimalistic can mean essential, efficient, and exciting. With the average American being $225,238 in debt and many with less than $500 in savings, it can also mean necessary. Here are 15 perfectly tiny homes that don’t pretend to be anything they’re not.

1. Rustic Prairie Home

Source: tinytexashouses.com


This home is just 12×18, and made from 90% salvaged materials and looks like something out of a Sherlock Holmes movie.

2. Vertically Awesome Eco Home

Vertical-Eco-HomeThis Japanese designed home was meant to be built for just under $15,000. It utilizes vertical space and is perfect for areas with expensive land.

3. Tiny Texas Farmhouse

Source: tinytexashouses.com

Not all farmhouses were created equal.

4. Eco Tiny Tree Home

Eco-Perch-Tiny-Tree-Home Source: blueforest.com

Perhaps, it’s not exactly what you picture when you think a tree house, but it is awesome none the less. This tiny home was built in just 5 days and sleeps 4 people.

5. Tiny Mobile Cabin House

Source: cavco.com

This cabin was built to be mobile. It has wheels is just the perfect sized home or forest getaway.

6. Vacation Home on Wheels

Source: tinyhousetalk.com
Source: tinyhousetalk.com

Built for $30,000, Gabriella and Andrew say this tiny home has brought them closer together as a couple. It took Andrew 4 months to build this beauty and they now enjoy a mortgage-free living.

7. A Childhood Dream Tree-House

camp-cabin-house Wandawega-Treehouse-1Wandawega-Treehouse-2  Wandawega-TreehouseAlmost like something straight out of the movie Moonrise Kingdom, this modern tree house is built around a massive elk tree. It is located in in camp Wandawega in Elkhorn,Wisconsin and is used as a common space. Campers enjoy reading books in its tiny library or simply relaxing on the hammock.

8. Tiny Beach Home

Source: abaton.es

This beach home is just 300 square feet of living space but features huge windows which open up to provide a sea breeze and natural sunlight. And if you ever get tired of your beach, it has two huge wooden slabs on the bottom which allow it to be dragged like a sled.

9.  Eagle Point Tiny Home

Source: prentissarchitects.com
Source: prentissarchitects.com

This tiny home offers some of the best views that the Pacific Northwest offers. It is located on the San Juan island and features a green roof and even a fireplace.

10. Porter Cottage Tiny Home


Located on a beautiful island off the coast of Maine, this tiny home was forced to get creative as the island is devoid of any technology. The designs built a rain catching system, as well as solar panels and a composite toilet to make this an incredibly efficient off-the-grid tiny home.

11. Writer’s Block Cabin With Creative Storage

Writers Block Cabin
Source: chengsnyder.com

The name (Writer’s Block) is not the only thing creative about this cabin. While it only boasts 190 square feet of space, it features a creative storage compartment for your canoe.

12. Blob VB3 Tiny Home

Source: dmva-architecten.be
Source: dmva-architecten.be

This super modern and robot looking home is tiny, portable and efficient. It has plenty of shelf space, sleeping space tucked away in the shelving and even features a shower! It closes and opens depending on your privacy needs.

13. DIY Tiny Tack Home The Tiny Tack HouseThe Tiny Tack HouseThe Tiny Tack House


The self-proclaimed tiny tack home is a fantastic example that you don’t have to sacrifice much if you build efficiently. It is build on a 7 by 20 trailer for under $20,000 by Chris and Melissa and features a full recreational area, kitchen and an upstairs bedroom.

14. 1920’s Restored Sheep Wagon Home


This fully restored sheep wagon served since 1920’s and has been fully restored in 1970’s. It sits on a 30,000 acre farm in Shirley Basin, Wyoming and features a full size bed, two cold boxes, folding table and a wood burning stove. If you are craving the solitude that this home offers, you can rent it out for $100 a night on AirBNB.

15. Colourful Northern California Cottage

Source: richardsonarchitects.com
Source: richardsonarchitects.com
Source: richardsonarchitects.com

This 260 square foot (yes, really!) home creates a cheery atmosphere in and out of the house. The home was constructed with non-corrosive and water resistant materials as it sits on the Northern California coastline. It features a full bedroom and porch.


If you’ve enjoyed these tiny homes, let us know in the comments below and we’ll do part two. We can assure you there are plenty more beautiful and creative tiny homes to share!

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