reasons to drink more water benefits 1
reasons to drink more water benefits 1

15 Reasons Why You Need To Drink More Water

Now, we’ve all heard that we need to drink plenty of water. Perhaps, you’ve heard the 8×8 rule (drinking an 8oz glasss of water, 8 times a day). But what is the reasoning, besides the fact that we get thirsty? Once you know the reasons behind it, you’ll never leave your house without a water bottle again.

Your Body is Pretty Much Water

You, your friends, family are all water. Yes, when you are dating, you are going out with 70% water. Sounds funny, but scientifically it’s true! But let’s take a look at your body composition and how much of it is water.

  • Your brain is 80% water
  • Your blood is 85% water
  • Your muscles are 80% water
  • Your bones are 25% water
  • Your cells are 90% water

These percentages vary by 5-10% depending on the source, but one thing is clear, water is a vital part of your body.

Water Helps Your Body Function

Water is responsible for a large number of processes within your body. Without water, your body can’t function. Here are some:

  • Regulates Body Temperature
  • Protects and Moisturizes Our Joints
  • Protects our Organs
  • Moisturizes the Air in Our Lungs
  • Detoxifies
  • Transports Nutrients and Oxygen into Cells
  • Helps Kidneys to Function Properly
  • Protects Organs and Tissues

Drinking Plenty of Water Comes With a Ton of Benefits

It’s important to not only drink when you are really thirsty, but keep your body hydrated throughout the day. There’s a rule, if you are thirsty – it’s too late. Drinking the recommended amount of water comes with a ton of health benefits.

Water Improves Your Skin’s Health and Makes You Feel and Look Younger

Since most of your body is water, continuously replenishing the water resources inside, will help your body function properly. Your body will be able to work extra hard to keep you feeling and looking great. The water will help maintain softer skin. And when you feel great, you look great.

Water is Great for the Kidneys, Liver & Joints

It reduces the amount of work your kidneys and liver need to do by flushing out the waste and toxins. Your body uses water to lubricate itself. It moistens nose, eyes, mouth and lubricates the joints.

How Much Water Do You Need to Drink Daily?

There are a thousand other benefits which I did not list, but you’ve realized the importance of water. So how much of it do you really need? Remember, everything contains water. From meat products to everything else. However, 80% of your daily intake of water comes from beverages. The institute of medicine, recommends this much TOTAL water to be consumed daily:

  • Men need 3.7 liters  or 125 ounces of total water daily. That comes out to 7.4 standard 16.9 fl oz water bottles.
  • Women need  2.7 liters or 91 ounces of total water daily. That comes out to 5.4 standard 16.9 fl oz water bottles.

So ladies and gentlemen, drink up! Water is not only key to your survival, but your daily well-being. That extra glass of water will help you feel and look great, so do it. Get a BPA-Free water bottle and keep drinking it through out the day.

15 reasons to drink water


Extra tip: Avoid fluoride, even in water.

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I try and drink 3 liters of water per day. I’m male. Drinking 4 is news to me. I’m thinking this also includes water in food. I wonder what the ratios are?


As mentioned in the post, nearly 20% of your water comes from the food that you eat.


I try and drink 3 liters of water per day. I’m male. Drinking 4 is news to me. I’m thinking this also includes water in food. I wonder what the ratios are?