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16 Everyday Things That Look Like Delicious Foods

Don’t you wish this was some yummy chocolate/caramel concoction? Unlucky for you (and the rest of us), this wonderful chocolate candy look-a-like is not at all edible. In fact, it is a mineral called Moroccan Vanadinite.

Isn’t it funny that out-of-the-blue we sometimes see things that actually look like real food? I’m not talking about the fake food artists create or things that have been photoshopped to look like real food. These are just ordinary objects like trees, rocks or flowers that could actually make you do a double take. While some would require a great deal of imagination on the viewer’s part, others can  make you go “Really?”

Just to give you some examples, here are 16 foodies-but-not-yummies to satisfy your hunger — erm, curiosity.

1. Green veggies like broccoli are indeed good for everyone, but I don’t think this tree is what our parents were talking about.

This Tree Looks Like Straight Up Broccoli

2. You can’t make mashed potato with this spud because it is really a water-worn quartz or chalcedony. 

3. If you thought this was NOT a banana, raise your hand.  

4. I wonder if Spongebob would want to live here… I meant the trees, not the house.

5. Or maybe Spongebob would prefer this one?

Things look like food

6. These green M&M’s weigh 3 lbs. and they help you sweat.

Things look like food

7. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a giant chocolate bar? Yum!!

Things look like food

8. These mushrooms look like they belong in a fantasy world.

Things look like food

9. Does your car come with an Oreo cookie, too?

Things look like food

10. Anyone in the mood for Sunny Side Up… Bacteria?

Things look like food

11. These flowers look like hairy candy corn, don’t they?

Things look like food

12. Bacon-lovers would love this wall, don’t you think?

13. Some chocolate chip cookies may be hard, but surely not as hard as this rock.

Things look like food

14. No, this isn’t a rare type of banana. 

are you hungry these everyday objects 255 Are you hungry? These objects that look like food wont help (34 Photos)

15. Did someone drop a chocolate-topped donut??

everyday food30 Are you hungry? These objects that look like food wont help (34 Photos)

16. Does this rock formation want to make you eat medium rare steak or what?

This rock formation in Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota kinda looks like medium rare steak.