are your natural products really natural
are your natural products really natural

2 Reasons to Always Read the Label (even if it’s Organic)

I know I’ve already made a post about checking and reading the label. But I feel like I need to emphasize something. I know for a fact that there is a handful of people who now simply look to see if it says Organic anywhere on the product. While this may be a good way to determine which product to buy when you are holding 2 in your hand, it’s not always your best option. Yes, USDA Organic means that it comes with certain regulations but they are far from perfect. So here are 2 reasons to always read the label.

Sneaky Marketing Techniques

Sometimes when you are on the go, buying products and putting them in your shopping cart, you may only take 5-10 seconds to pick something up and glance at it. Remember, food companies are very sneaky. Sometimes the covers may contain beautiful green fields, and other images, making you feel like the product is healthy,natural and even organic. Other times, the product may be placed among other products which are actually healthy. Your brain will naturally associate this product with being healthy. They may even point out that a certain ingredient is organic (but the whole thing is not). And if they are real sneaky, their brand name will even have “Organics” in there. While they may have some products that are organic, doesn’t mean that they all are.  If you go into a store with a large selection of healthy food, these are important reasons why you should read the whole label completely and understand it.

nature valley not organic
100% natural but 100% not organic

Dangerous Ingredients May be Lurking Out There

Now you are thinking, “Hey, I’m not stupid! I’m aware of that green label that says “USDA Organic”. Well It’s a good first step, and most of the time you will get a much higher quality product than you would buy otherwise. They have regulations in place which prevent food companies to adding a lot of the harmful ingredients. However, don’t be a robot. USDA is not going to be able to catch every single harmful ingredient out there. Do your own research and at least read the label.

So take an extra 15-20 seconds to read over the label and see what you get out of it. The ingredient list should be short and easy to understand.