best free websites
best free websites

20 Amazing Websites You Should Know About

Have you been to a place and just felt completely overwhelmed with everything in it? That’s how someone who does not often browse the Internet probably feels. With SO many things out there in the world wide web, it can be quite difficult to find things that might actually be very interesting for people. It would be nice to have a starting point of where to look, right? Maybe this list of wonderful websites can help you out.

1. is a great source if you are trying to decide where to go for your next vacay.  It has lists of weird, interesting, scary (at times) and non-touristy spots worldwide.

20 Amazing Websites 1

2. Got nothing to do at the airport? can be an interesting site, especially if you are waiting for a flight. And yes, those yellow airplanes do move.

20 Amazing Websites 2

3. Now if you are more interested in tracking ships, is the site to visit. It works like Flight radar and also has tiny ships going around the map.

20 Amazing Websites 3

4. With Free Wifi Passwords for your Apple or Android devices, all you need to do is click each blue airplane.

20 Amazing Websites 4

5. If you are ever stuck on creating a presentation on PowerPoint or Google Slide, and its templates can definitely help.

20 Amazing Websites 5

6. is another site with your fave music, in case you get tired of Sp****y. Just click on “List” to get the page on this picture.

20 Amazing Websites 6

7. offers 50,000+ FREE eBooks in a variety of genre that you can read online or download.

8. Ever wonder what developers DID NOT include in your fave video game? You might find the answer in, a wiki of unused and cut content from video games.

20 Amazing Websites 8

9. Want to check Reddit at work? Click MSOutlookit and get your Reddit fix while “checking your email.”

20 Amazing Websites 9

10. Hungry? Whip up something tasty from whatever you have in the pantry with

20 Amazing Websites 10

11. Reviews can be one of the determining factors people get a product or service, but which of these reviews are legit? checks out the reviews from four popular websites and gives them a grade of A (highest) to F (lowest).

20 Amazing Websites 11

12. Once in a while, we come across written material in another language. can help, with an extent of accuracy which allows the real meaning of the material to shine through.

20 Amazing Websites 12

13. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to an actual person when you call a customer service number? With, you’ll be able to get from Press 1 to a live rep in no time.

20 Amazing Websites 13

14. Do you create anime-style images and need re-scaling? can help you with that.

20 Amazing Websites 14

15. To everyone having problems with their math homework (especially algebra), you might want to check out

20 Amazing Websites 15

16. If you are a budding filmmaker who needs FREE music for a project, then is the place to go. Yes, the name is from Moby himself, aka multi-awarded musician Richard Melville Hall.

20 Amazing Websites 16

17. offers free high-res photos for those who need beautiful prints for projects, etc.

20 Amazing Websites 17

18. If you are craving for a certain movie or TV show, will provide you with the streaming service for it. Just choose where you are located and stream (paid), rent or buy the show!

20 Amazing Websites 18

19. Trivia lover? Go to and lose track of time, especially with the “Surprise Me” link.

20 Amazing Websites 19

20. Spend less on books with They have high-quality textbooks for students and teachers.

20 Amazing Websites 20