20 Life Saving Hacks 20
20 Life Saving Hacks 20

20 Best Life-Changing Hacks For Saving Money

People say that there more important things in life than money. While this is true, no one can deny that money can help you have food, water, and shelter. Since it is quite challenging to have enough money, are you interested in knowing a few tips on how to make that paycheck last longer? Read on!

1. When you need to buy medicine, let you doctor know you would prefer cheaper alternatives.

20 Life-Saving Hacks 1

2. If you’re a college student, look into getting photocopied or used books instead of brand new ones. Textsheet.com and textbooktorrents as well as places that rent used books are a big help!

20 Life-Saving Hacks 2

3. Eliminate food waste. Bread ends can be great for stuffing or breading for fried pork chops or chicken.

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4. Go to the library. They have TREASURES (and we mean more than books) that you might need, but does not cost as much.

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5. If you are living out of your car, get a membership to Planet Fitness for $10/month or $40/year. You can shower for free, have free locked storage, get a workout, and sometimes an occasional pizza.

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6. If you can, shop at ethnic grocery stores for cheaper produce.

20 Life-Saving Hacks 6

7. Invest in some hot sauce. They make even crackers taste better.

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8. If you have a small room, cook beans in a crock pot. Not only do you get a satisfying and cheap meal, but you also heat up your room.

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9. Invest in an electric blanket and save on heating up the whole room/house during the cold months.

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10. Add broth cube and leftover meat and veggies to congee or boiled rice if you do not have money for anything else.

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11. Apply for social services – all that you can apply for even if you do not think you qualify. They might actually offer something you need.

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12. Skip spending money on junk food and donate blood. Some donation centers even pay you for this.

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13. Buy a whole chicken, already cooked or cook it yourself. Whether you live by yourself or with family, a whole chicken can be two or three meals. Plus the bones can be used for broth.

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14. Shop at Aldi’s. They have cheaper stuff than the regular supermarkets.

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15. Shop at thrift stores! You can even find branded clothing for $2!

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16. Get GOOD & CHEAP by Leanne Brown if you can only afford $4/day on food.

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17. Make drinking water a huge part of your daily routine. Water makes you less hungry, less prone to sickness since it flushes away those toxins, and helps you lose weight.

20 Life-Saving Hacks 17

18. Use coupons!

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19. Download internet browser extensions like “ebates” or “Honey“, not only they give you cash back for purchases you’d make anyway, Honey let’s you automatically look for online coupons while you’re in checkout.

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20. Sleep on it. For any big purchases, regardless if you’re happy with your decision right now, just wait til the next day. You’ll be surprised how many times you’ll decide not to go through with it. Stores do everything to get you in the buying state, once you’re out of that environment with a clear mind, you’ll make the right decision.