Best DIY Christmas Decorations
Best DIY Christmas Decorations

20 Breathtaking DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s December 1st, and although Christmas music has been playing at the mall and radio for a month now, the holiday is just 25 days away! We are suckers for healthy and delicious meals, but nothing adds holiday cheer like some clever Christmas decorations.

  1. DIY Light Bulb Christmas Tree Ornament

You know what’s more awesome than awesome Christmas tree ornaments? Ornaments that you made yourself! And this one is just too cute to pass up. It’s a tiny Christmas tree inside a light bulb, c’mon!

Instructions here

2. Pinecone Owl Decorations DIY


I feel that if you are a Harry Potter fan and love adorable decorations, this one is a must! As with most decorations, you may need a glue gun or at least some super glue, but it’s totally worth it.

Instructions here

3. Sky Full of Stars


This will leave all your guests in complete awe as they enter your house. It’s a fantastic way to set the mood for one magical evening for kids and adults alike. Best part? It’s the easiest thing you’ll make.

Instructions here

4. Cozy DIY Christmas Sweater Candle Sleeves


A little sweater over your candle is a great way to add a little extra warmth and comfort to your Christmas dinner. And don’t be discouraged, this one is actually quite easy to make.

Instructions here

5. Christmas Tree Jars 


Just follow the directions from the first DIY project to make another awesome decoration. This time use a jar and the effect is totally different!

6. DIY Christmas Scarf Wreath


Most DIY wreaths are difficult to make and often require buying a lot of supplies. Well, not here! All you need is a scarf, ribbon, some safety pins and possibly a hanger.

Instructions here

7. DIY Coffee Filter Snowflakes


Have some coffee filters and scissors? Then you have everything you need to make some unique snowflakes.

8. DIY Penguin Slide


If you are looking for something over-the-top and guaranteed to make your kids scream in amazement, this is it! While we couldn’t find the instructions for this one, just grab a few penguins, lot of cotton and you are ready to start!

9. Virtual Fireplace


I’m a sucker for a nice virtual fireplace, as it still adds to the mood and is super simple to do. But when I saw this idea, it instantly made me laugh and I’m sure it will do the same for your guests. I would modify it a little, taking away the keyboard and mouse and running an HD fireplace burning video on YouTube. This way you got the sounds of the fire crackling and some real looking fire!

10. DIY Fridge Snowman


Your fridge is the perfect spot to add some holiday spirit. No directions are needed for this one, it’s simple enough.

11. A Christmas Plate Setting


Get creative with your place setting. It adds to the dining experience and is a fantastic way to greet your dinner guests!

12. Message via Ornaments

diy christmas decoration

A nice addition to a fireplace or table. You can add Christmas sayings or your family names and it’s incredibly simple to make. All you need is gold pots (or gold spray paint), some ornaments and a marker!

13. DIY Christmas Ornament Drink

Sip in (Christmas) style. If you are going all out and setting up for a dinner, don’t forget the drinks!

14. A Lantern Full of Joy DIY


Head to your local flea market and pick up an old lantern. Why? Because you will be making an awesome Christmas decoration out of it!

Instructions here

15. DIY Christmas Cheer Box


Get yourself a shadow box and make awesome art that you can hang on the wall or just set it on a shelf. It’s eye-catching and beautiful.

Instructions here

15. DIY Invisible Christmas Tree

invisible christmas tree diy

If you want something truly eye catching and don’t want a typical Christmas tree, grab some jewelry string and build this one of a kind invisible tree.

Instructions here

16. Frosty Wine Bottle Centerpiece DIY

frosty wine bottle christmas centerpiece diy

What’s a dinner table without a stunning center piece? These frosty wine bottles will look incredible on any Christmas table.

Instructions here

17. Christmas Candle Jar DIY

Christmas Candle Jar DIY

An incredible use of art and light to make one unforgettable Christmas decoration.

Instructions here

18. Corky Reindeer

DIY Christmas Decorations

All you need is some corks, paperclips and glue. You can figure out the rest yourself! These simple hand-made toys will bring cheer to all the kids in your home.

19. Hanging Outdoor Christmas Baskets

outdoor hanging christmas decorations

The outside of your house needs some loving too! This hanging basket is a beautiful and inviting decoration to light up your home.

Instructions here

20. Wingless Paper Lanterns


Get some paper bags, cut out your favorite design and insert a flameless candle that glows (like this one) and voila! What an incredible way to light the path to your home.

If you are looking at all of these and saying to yourself “These are fantastic, but I’ll be decorating last minute and won’t have time or the will for any of these”, then leave us a comment. We will find some fantastic last minute Christmas decorations that you can make.