curb appeal
curb appeal

20 Cheap DIY Curb Appeal Ideas that Will Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks

An interesting planter, fresh bold paint on the door, or even a new mailbox can make people stop and admire your house. Curb appeal is also a very important feature in the business of real estate.  If you need some inspiration, here are 20 eye-catchers to get the designer in you going:


1. Change up your house numbers if you have old or faded ones. Get a number at stores for $20 or have a custom-made set for over $50.

2. Paint an old door with some bold color and make a first great impression. Remember to prep your door properly first.

3. Makeover your light fixtures. Porch lights welcome guests to your home, but can also add to curb appeal.

4. Position planters on opposite sides of your front porch. This gives a more symmetrical and organized look to your facade.

5. Makeover your mailbox and make it echo your personality. Paint the wooden post or surround the mailbox with flowers.

6. Create a container garden to instantly change your home’s appeal. Try making containers for your favorite plants to save even more.

7. Add window boxes and freshen up the look of your house. Copper or iron gives a traditional look while painted wood has a more cottage-y feel.

8. Install arbors, garden gates or short sections of decorative fence panels. There are easy-to-install kits or prefab sections that you just need to piece together.

9. Add yard art like bird baths, fountains, wind chimes, or sculptures.  Place any fountain on level ground and away from leaf-dropping spots.

10. Put in shutters to brighten up your home’s facade. Choose a color and design that matches the style of your home.

11. Clean up or replace gutters and downspouts if these are damaged or look neglected (especially if you are thinking of re-sale).  Newer, snap-fit vinyl gutter systems only require a few tools and no paint.


12. Plant a tree or two to frame your house. Consider the size of the grown tree when choosing a spot in your yard for it.  

13.  Fix cracks and stains in your driveway. Kill any weeds. Stain the concrete or add flagstones to make it even more beautiful. You can also add stones, bricks, or pavers to the sides for more parking space.


14. Beautify the path to your front door by applying a colored concrete resurfacer and putting in brick or stone borders. Or you can replace straight concrete ones with a contoured path of brick or stone.

15. Upgrade railings when these show signs of deterioration.  Make sure that the color, scale, design, details, and material match the style of your home.


16. Apply stone veneer as an accent and give your home’s curb appeal a big boost. Get some natural or manufactured stones that can complement the look of your home.

 17. Add solar lights to your front yard. These illuminate the path to your home as well as add aesthetic value to your landscaping.


18. Hide your A/C by boxing it with wooden planks or palettes or surrounding it with plants. Or, you can also landscape the area around it so it doesn’t stick out that much.

 19. Hang a gorgeous seasonal wreath or a pretty monogram on your front door. You can get ready-made ones or customize one to suit your liking.

20. Create vertical planters and bring more flair to your front yard. Use DIY planters or get ready-made ones and string them up with some rope.