psychedelic posters featured
psychedelic posters featured

20 Incredible Psychedelic Posters to Open Your Mind

Psychedelic became a common word in the 60’s after everyone saw the effects of LSD, psilocybin and similar hallucinogenic drugs. Even now, the word is used to describe mind-altering art, movies, music, writing and other forms of media like the posters below that distort our perception of reality. It’s a great way to remind yourself that there is more to life than we are able to perceive with our eyes, that we are all connected and to feel a bit closer to nature. Here are 20 trippy psychedelic posters to decorate your room with.

1. Dean Russo – “In a Perfect World…” Dog Poster

2. SmartWallStation Trippy Poster

3. Scorpio Poster – Take Me To Your Dealer Alien

4. Art by Emily Rae – Alice in Wonderland

5. Dean Russo – Starry Night by Van Gogh

6. Scorpio Posters – Mushroom Man

7. Dean Russo – Cat Whiskers

8. Dean Russo – “The Best Way…” Turtle Future Quote

9. Alien Visitor by Opticz

10. Global Choice Inc. – Bohemian Tapestry Mandala Tie Dye

11. Scorpio – Grateful Dead


12. Pulse Poster by Studio B

13. Wormhole from Poster

14. Chengsan – Wall Hanging Tapestry with Trippy Arabesque Retro Design

15. Pyramid America – Jimi Hendrix

16. Doppleganger 33 LTD – Trippy Mushroom

17. Sunshine Joy – Tapestry The Dark Side of the Moon from Pink Floyd

18. Sunshine Joy – 3D Skull Wall Hanging

19. Sunshine Joy – Yes Yes No No Tapestry with art by Chris Dryer

20. Smart Wall Station – 9x Fabric Astral Poster Abstract Design