july 4th ideas e1435935032156
july 4th ideas e1435935032156

20 Lazy Yet Super Awesome 4th of July Ideas (Gluten Free & Healthy)

Patriotism is in the air and what better way to celebrate this 4th of July than stuffing yourself? But lets take a look at some of the independence day weekend food favorites – hot dogs, burgers, sausages, steaks and cakes. If you happen to be a vegan, have gluten intolerance or want to eat healthy that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Not to mention the time spent cooking all these foods when you could be lounging scrunching at your beach or mingling in your backyard.

We’ve found the most patriotic foods that are so super easy to make that they seem almost lazy. But simplicity is often what drives ingenuity and these will certainly leave lasting impressions on your guests’ faces rather than on their stomachs.

1. American Flag Fruit Platter

4th-Of-July-Fruit-Plate2. Red White & Blue Smoothiepatriotic-smoothie3. Watermelon The American Wayindependence-day-watermelon4. 4th of July Skewersjuly-4th-ideas5. Patriotic Muffin Toppingsjuly-4-cupcakes6. Mascarpone Cream Tart Topped With The Flagmascarpone cream tart topped7. Independence Day Veggie Tray 4th-july-veggie-tray8. Dip of The American Culturejuly-4th-dip9. All We Had Was Blueberries and Watermelon Flag lazy-july-4th-ideas10. Fruit Fireworks Cake Topping

11. Variety Veggie 4th of July TrayAmerican-Flag-Vegetable-Tray12. Almost Like a Flag Strawberry Fillings4th-of-july-fruits-recipe13. The Real American Breakfast july-4th-breakfast14. 4th of July Party Favoritejuly-4-skewers15. Patriotic Pairfaiction4th-of-july-cups16. Barbecue Tongue Burn American First Aid july-4th-popsicle-sticks17. Fancy Independent Skewers4th-of-july-food18. Fourth of July Four Layer Cake4th-of-july-cake

19. Gluten Freedom Pizza patriotic-pizza20. Crème de Juillet

july-4-cake-toppingWhich one will you be making this weekend?