20 under Christmas gifts 15
20 under Christmas gifts 15

20 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $20

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Christmas is just a few weeks away! Have you made your shopping list? Since the holiday is all about giving (because ultimately it is the thought that counts), we checked out people’s responses on the best gifts to give or receive under $20. We hope this helps you make that list faster and make shopping stress-free!

1) “I always appreciate either an Amazon or a Visa gift card.” A gift card is a classier method of handing someone cash that they can for just about anything.

 2) “Artisan coffee is $12-20 for a bag and will last coffee lovers a week or more.” For some people, coffee is a sure way into their heart.

3) Warm fuzzy socks. Because who likes cold feet in the winter?

4) “Scratch off Lotto tickets are always fun.” Just make sure to agree on a finders fee in case they hit the lotto!

5) “If someone picked out a book they thought I would like, that would be the best gift!” You can use a service like What Should I Read Next, enter a book they already like and get recommendations based of that. Or better yet just ask your librarian!

6) “Fleece blanket to keep me warm.” Anything that helps keep me warm in the winter is a good idea.

7) “I’ve never gone wrong with homemade baked goods.” Homemade shows that you put in effort and thought into your gift.

8) A charging cable that plugs into my car for my phone, VERY useful so I didn’t have to take it out of the car … ever.

9) DIY items like calendars, coasters or photo frames with the recipient’s photo. Because what people love more than themselves?

10) Frame one of their Instagram Photos for them. Hopefully, it’s not an embarrassing selfie.

11) “Mini-bar in a jar. $20 worth of those mini-liquor bottles, put them in a big jar, and wrap a bow around it.”

12) Lots of board games are great at that price range. Bonus if you play with them.

13) Bath bombs!

14) A pair of slippers

15) T-shirts that fit their personality

16) Chocolates! It’s not just for Valentine’s Day!

17) A card with $20 in it.

18) Decorated Mason jars filled with preferred candies/treats are nice.

19) I’ve been given some incredible bottles of wine from my friends.

20) Movie gift card, tickets, or pass