200 calories visualized 1
200 calories visualized 1

200 Calories Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We’ve helped you visualize all the sugar you’re eating and even how much sex it takes to burn off your favorite junk foods. Now it’s time to visualize calories. Everyone’s counting them, but how much food do these calories actually represent? After all,  the average adult only needs to consume just 2,000 – 2,500 calories to maintain their weight according to Health.gov.

The geeks at wiseGEEK decided it would be a good idea to scavenge whatever food that they could find and calculate just how much of each food is equivalent to 200 calories. They photographed the results and you may find them surprising.

In order to limit yourself to 200 calories in the morning, you could have 55 grams of vanilla crunch cereal, 34 grams of fried bacon,  51 grams of Fruit Loops, 53 grams of puffed wheat cereal, 54 grams of puffed rice cereal, 90 grams of flax bread, 150 grams of eggs or 226 grams of ketchup.

cranberry-vanilla-crunch-cereal-calories bacon-calories fruit-loops-cereal-calories calories-of-puffed-rice-cereal wheat-cereal-calories flax-bread-calories eggs-calories ketchup-calories

When it comes to sweets, it doesn’t get any better. Sweets are full of sugars and therefore calories as well. For a 200 calorie snack you could have almost a full donut, 17 gummy bears, less than one bar of snickers, 10 weather’s original candies,  a tiny square of rice crispies, or just a Handful of m&ms and Jelly Beans.how-much-calories-in-glazed-donut gummy-bears-calories snickers-calories werthers-originals-candy-calories marshmallow-calories how-much-calories-in-mms jelly-beans-calories

If you choose veggies on the other hand, you get much more sizable portions and more bang for your calories. 200 calories yields 308 grams of sweet corn, 357 grams of green peas, 570 grams of carrots, 588 grams of broccoli, 740 grams of mini peppers, a whopping 1425 grams of celery and enough (475 grams) onions to make you cry.

how-much-calories-incanned-sweet-corn how-much-calories-in-canned-green-peas how-much-calories-in-red-onions how-much-calories-in-baby-carrots how-much-calories-in-broccoli how-much-calories-in-mini-peppers how-much-calories-in-celery

If fruits are a snack of your choice, this is what their 200 calorie equivalents are.

dried-apricots-calories avocado-calories grapes-calories kiwi-fruit-calories honeydew-melon-caloriesBut no meal goes down without a little liquids, right? You could down 23 grams of canola oil, 60 ml of Bailey’s Irish Cream, 200 ml of balsamic vinegar, 333 ml of whole milk or 496 ml of Coca Cola.

200-calories-worth-of-foods 200-calories-foods-visualized balsamic-vinegar-200-calories whole-milk-calories how-much-calories-in-cokeHere are some other popular foods in portions that equal 200 calories.



You can check out wiseGEEK‘s photography for more photos. Hopefully this helps you make a better informed decision when you are craving a snack, managing your diet or looking for energy.

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