healthy holiday treats 3
healthy holiday treats 3

22 Healthy Christmas Treats Your Kids Will Love

Christmas cookies have always been the go-to at Christmas. You can make them in a variety of shapes and sizes, plus decorate them with candies, frosting, or chocolates. However, with the growing concern over the effect of sugary food on children’s health, a lot of families have started making healthier alternatives for holiday munchies. Here are some Christmas snacks that are ALMOST too good-looking to eat. Enjoy!

1. Reindeer Sliders – With cheese & raisin eyes, half-an-olive noses, and pretzel ears, these reindeer are a sure hit with the kids!

2. Fruit Cup Snowmen – Make festive-looking fruit cups with some colored tape and a black Sharpie!

3.  Pancake Reindeers – A fun and yummy breakfast treat so make sure you have enough pancakes, bananas, cherries, and bacon!

4. Veggie Christmas Cups – Grab black and gold permanent markers and transform these simple cups into Christmas-themed containers.

5. Ham & Cheese Christmas Crackers – Using a variety of Christmas cookie cutters, make fun cheese shapes and layer them on ham and crackers for a healthy yummy snack.

6. Hot Dog Christmas Stockings – Cut cooked hot dogs in two and secure them with appetizer picks. Pipe cream cheese at the top and add a diced piece of red bell pepper and a sprig of parsley to complete the look.

7. Snowflake Tortillas – The powdered sugar may make this a bit sweet, but we still count it as a better alternative to sugar-loaded Christmas cookies. Grab a pair of scissors, cut your tortilla, and get baking.

8. Guacamole Christmas Trees – These Christmas trees will be your avocado-eater’s favorite munchable.

9. Egg Snowmen – The cutest addition to your Christmas spread are fun and easy to assemble.

10. Cookie Cutter Pizzas – Pizza can also be Christmas-y with these DIY edibles. Not only are they easy to make, but each member of the family can have the toppings that they want!

11. Cheese Stick Snowmen – Keep the little ones busy decorating their cheese sticks!

12. Strawberry Banana Candy Canes – Your kids can make this Christmas snack all by themselves!

13. Santa Pancakes – Make sure you have enough bananas and strawberries!

14.  Grinch Fruit Kabobs – What’s healthier than grapes, bananas, and strawberries?

15. Boiled Egg Penguins – All you need are hard-boiled eggs, some peppercorn, 1 carrot, 1 eggplant, some toothpicks and a really sharp knife.

16. Banana Snowmen – Another easy DIY snack for the kids to make!

17. One-bite Christmas tree – Whether you use cucumbers only or alternate them with jalapenos, these edible trees are going to be a great party appetizers.

18. Strawberry Santas – Get your little helpers helping! All you need are two parts of a strawberry, a slice of banana, some cottage cheese and a gel icing pen for the eyes.

19. Snow Peas Christmas Tree – You can use a cookie cutter or a sharp knife to make the bell pepper star.

20.  Watermelon Holiday Treats – Put these refreshing watermelon and yogurt trees in the freezer before serving!

21. Fruit & Cheese Christmas Tree – Alternate some cubes of pepper jack, cheddar, mozzarella, and colby jack cheese with red and green grapes to make a tree! Tuck in some sprigs of fresh thyme for “leaves.”

22. Bagel Ornaments – Make these Christmas breakfast as colorful as you want with an assortment of veggies!