bizzare ice cream chili
bizzare ice cream chili

22 Most Bizzare Ice Cream Flavors You Must Try

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio… What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Would you like to go beyond those comforting flavors? Let your taste buds explore? If you answered with a resounding “yes,” here are several bizarre-tasting ice cream concoctions you can start with. 

1. Humphry Slocombe’s Foie Gras Ice Cream is eaten as an ice cream sandwich with homemade gingersnaps.

2. Vosges’ curry ice cream from it’s Exotic Ice Cream collection is made from sweet Naga curry and creamy coconut custard.

3. Sunny Sky’s homemade Cold SWEAT ice cream has three varieties of chilies and two hot sauces mixed in the vanilla which might just make you break into a cold sweat.

4. Did you want to try garlic with your ice cream? You can get some at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival in California.

5. How about Japan’s Snake ice cream or the many other flavors like Cow Tongue, Salt, Yakisoba, Octopus, or Squid?

6. Maine’s Ben & Bill Chocolate Emporium doesn’t serve just the plain cold dessert. There’s fresh buttered lobster in each creamy bite.

7. Fig & Fresh Brown Turkey is just one of the 200 gelato flavors at New York City’s Il Laboratorio del Gelato.


8. Haggis, a Scottish dish made with sheep’s pluck, is also a variety of ice cream from Harrod’s in London. Care to try?

9. Honey Jalapeno Pickle has local pickles, Colorado honey, fresh jalapeño bits, and local cream.

10. Zen Butter is a chilled bowl of ice cream that tastes of sesame noodles with peanut sauce.

11. Rosemary Honey Goat’s Milk started as an experiment at a shop in Philly.

12. Baby Gaga is a mixture of breast milk, vanilla and lemon zest and costs about $21 per serving.

13. A serving of creamed cod can confuse you because it looks like an order of fish and chips. A spoonful of the “fried” cod will prove that it’s actually ice cream, battered and fried.

14. Fried chicken and waffle, please… The ice cream version from Coolhaus,’ that is. With a brown butter and maple syrup base, this is definitely a different taste from the traditional combo.

15. Enjoy a medicinal and cold treat with roasted turmeric and candied ginger from Coppa.

16. Goat cheese beet swirl is a seasonal flavor at Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver.

17. Yes, that is a scorpion on your ice cream. Catching Fire has strawberry, mango, and orange swirls. And yes, it was inspired by that movie.

18. Guess what Cayenne Chocolate has? Yep, rich dark chocolate with smokey-spicey cayenne pepper.

19. Cardamom Black Pepper from Sonny’s is sure to give you a kick.

20. This durian ice cream is only for the brave and those who like the rotten onion/sweet almond taste.

21. White chocolate habanero is pink on the outside, but fiery creamy on the inside.

22. Black sesame ginger is an Asian-inspired cold dessert from Sweet Cream Co.