clever outdoor kitchen bar ideas
25 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Bars

25 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Bars

Best Outdoor Kitchen Bars

As the world is migrating from cities into their own homes and backyards, it’s no wonder that outdoor kitchen bars are all the rave. What’s better than popping out a pina colada at the privacy of your backyard or whipping up a quick meal for the family?

Outdoor kitchen bars cost can range from tens of thousands of dollars to build-it-yourself for free in your garage. None the less, the convenience of having one in your backyard cannot be overstated.

My favorite thing about having a kitchen outdoors is not having to go back and forth into the house to get things. Grabbing stuff you forgot or more food is easy. I can’t tell you how many times I had to clean up pool water because the kids wanted to grab something from inside. It’s certainly a luxury, but as we spend more time in our homes in 2020, anyone with a kitchen island or bar in their backyard has hit the jackpot.

1. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a full outdoor kitchen, but I love the fact that you can close or open the windows at any time.
clever outdoor kitchen bar ideas 4

2. Snacks, firewood, and all your kitchen supplies are all in one spot.
clever outdoor kitchen bar ideas 3

3. A lovely continuation of the patio.
clever outdoor kitchen bar ideas 2

4. Incredible use of the house itself for cover of the outdoor bar kitchen.
clever outdoor kitchen bar ideas

5. What a beautiful way to combine nature with the dining and entertainment area.
garden kitchen dining area

6. A clever way to store your beer!
beer cooler outdoor kitchen bar

7. This is what I call a outdoor bar on a budget.
clever outdoor kitchen bar

8. The simplest form of an indoor/outdoor kitchen. All you need is a good window.
simple outdoor kitchen bar

9. This waterfall is everything.
waterfall outdoor kitchen bar

10. What a cozy little bar!
diy outdoor kitchen bar

11. Seems like fireplaces are quite common for outdoor kitchen areas to keep you and your guests warm.
incredible outdoor kitchen bars

12. This seems like the perfect size bar!
beautiful outdoor kitchen bar

13. I love how you can walk in and out without opening any doors.
full outdoor kitchen bar

14. Fireplace is the centerpiece here.
outdoor kitchen bar ideas

15. The open-air looks incredible here. What about those palm tree chairs though?
tropical outdoor kitchen bar

16. A window, a few chairs, and a window sill is all you need.
easy outdoor kitchen bar

17. The fireplace makes this super cozy.
fireplace kitchen bar

18. Not even sure if we can call this an outdoor kitchen bar, but it’s its own standalone building and it still looks amazing.
Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

19. This is your over-the-top, luxury, outdoor dining area and bar.
modern outdoor kitchen bar

20. A kitchen right in the middle of the backyard. The trimmed bushes around it make it for me.
garden outdoor kitchen

21. A very modern take on a classic.
modern outdoor bar

22. Simple and cozy.
outdoor kitchen bars

23. Lovely kitchen area.
outdoor kitchen bar

24. Tiki style bar. This is a DIY project that you could take on.
diy kitchen bar outdoor

25. And another tiki bar!
outdoor kitchen bar

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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