brenda bennett lose weight
brenda bennett lose weight

25 Insane Before / After Weight Loss Transformation Photos

I’m not going to lie and say it is easy to lose weight.  It takes a lot of determination and patience to get up, complete the exercise routine, change one’s lifestyle, and most importantly, STICK TO THE PLAN. While losing weight is quite challenging, it is not an impossible task. Like every other goal you may have in your life, you have to WANT to lose weight and to actually DO something about it.

To get you going, take a look at 25 of the most dramatic weight loss transformations, which only proves that when you put your heart into it, you WILL shed those unwanted pounds.

1. Hannah Jenkins

2. Janice Jobity

3. Jessica Battle

4. Rebin Roy

5. Sarah Goodenough

6. Tanisha Washington

7. Jana Roller

8. Bonnie Wiles

9. Nathan & Brenda Bennett

10. Gillian Faith

11. Hollie Barrett

12. Jeanine McDonalds


13. Jermaine Gause

15. Jovana Borojevic

16. Kathleen Golding

17. Katie Bolden

18. Mackenzie Walker

19. Marie Byrne

20. Megan Mcgee

21. Megan Rachow

22. Melody Perdue

23. Mike Bauler

24. Naomi Teeter

25. Rebecca Grafton