25 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions NOT Worth The Hype

Have you ever been so excited to go somewhere because it was supposedly awesomely great, but when you get there, everything is just BLAH? You’ll probably wish that you had just spent all that money and anticipation on one of your favorite, tried and true, makes-you-happy destination instead. To save you the effort and disappointment, we’ve collected a list of these BLAH places for you NOT to check out.

1. The Great Wall of China

Yes, it’s a very important historical landmark in Asia, and you can see it from outer space. However,  unless you go to an uncrowded, quiet, and non-touristy section of it like the Simitai part, the Wall is just a seemingly endless and tiring path of blocks.

2. Fountain of Youth – St. Augustine, Florida

Photo credits: Daron Dean/Visit Florida

Everyone who wants to be forever young might have this fountain on their bucket list. Now, that you see it’s really just this hole on the ground, do you still want to see it? Instead, maybe just go to Fort Matanzas which is 12 miles away.

3. Juliet’s Balcony – Verona, Italy

Who would have known that something as simple as a balcony would be such an important part in one of the most popular and beloved love stories? Sadly, Juliet’s Balcony is as fictional as the work of art it belongs to.  In fact, the balcony was only added to the existing house in the 20th century.

4.  Pawn Stars’ Pawn Shop – Las Vegas, Nevada

The hit TV reality show Pawn Stars features owners of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a 24-hour family-run business.  While a lot of fans might say it is worth the trip, the store itself is just that – a shop filled with old stuff that were sold or pawned.

5. Hitler’s Typewriter – Bessemer, Alabama

It’s a typewriter used by the most notoriously evil person in history.  There is no document to prove that the Nazi leader even used it. However, it was supposedly found in his compound at the end of World War II, then donated to the museum.

6. Plymouth Rock – Massachusetts, New England

photo credit: Jenna Bucien

The boulder supposedly marked the spot where the Pilgrims from the Mayflower first set foot in New England in 1620.  It broke in half after the settlers decided to preserve and move it to the Town Square.  In 1880, the two parts reunited, thanks to cement and in 1921, the Plymouth Rock found its permanent home at the Pilgrim Memorial State Park. The Plymouth Plantation, Mayflower II, Grist Mill, Pilgrim Hall Museum, and the First Parish church are better alternatives.

7. Roswell – New Mexico, USA

photo credits: abqjournal.com

Did the X-Files theme song just play in your head? If you go to Roswell thinking you’ll find a lot of alien-y stuff, then save yourself a trip and look at this picture. Just go to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, 1 hour and 19 minutes away.

8. Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles, California

photo credit: The Crazy Tourist

If you want a tour of Los Angeles wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Hollywood Boulevard – NOT!  There is really nothing impressive about a street where you can see homeless people or people dressed up in superhero costumes.

9. Daytona Beach – Florida, USA

Because it is one of the most popular beaches in the US, it can get quite a bit crowded and icky. Just look at the picture below. Would you travel so many miles to try and find a spot on this beach?

photo credit: news-journalonline.com

10. The Mona Lisa – Paris, France

 Yes, she does have a mysterious smile. The Da Vinci masterpiece attracts a large number of Louvre visitors, but there is really something anti-climactic about looking at it from several feet away.

11. Grand Canyon’s Skywalk – Arizona, USA

The Skywalk is a bridge primarily made of glass, located at the Canyon’s Haulapai West Rim.  It offers you awesome views of the Grand Canyon… if you pay around $80 so you can get inside the West Rim and on the Skywalk.  Want to take pictures? That would be an additional $30.  Previous visitors to the Canyon suggest visiting the South Rim, instead, or taking your car to the national park.

12. Pier 39 – San Francisco, CA

Since it is a very popular tourist area in San Francisco, it can get quite crowded and noisy. However, there is really nothing very special to see, unless you want to go fishing at around 4am or enjoy watching sea lions.

13. Atlantic City – New Jersey, USA


If you like casinos and going on very long walks (the boardwalk is over 6 miles long), then yes.  Otherwise, no.

14. Manneken Pis – Brussels, Belgium

Manneken Pis – Brussels, Belgium

It dates back to the 17th century and is the 3rd most visited statue in the world. Its name means “Little Pee Man” in Flemish which is exactly what the bronze statue is – LITTLE.

15. Corn Palace – Mitchell, South Dakota

corn palace

photo credits: Parkerdr

The multi-purpose building with a Moorish Revival structure features murals and designs made from corn and other grains. It might be worth a very quick stopover if you want to see the World’s ONLY Corn Palace.

16. Wall Drug – South Dakota, USA

Wall Drug – South Dakota, USA

photo credits: Matt Kirouc

It started as a pharmacy offering free ice water to travelers on Interstate 90.  Eventually, it started offering more items and now has 50,000 square feet of retail space.  More than 20,000 visitors stop at Wall Drug. Will you be one of them?

17. Piccadilly Circus – London, UK

Piccadilly Circus

photo credits: Flickr

There is really nothing to do AT the Circus itself, unless you are new in town and want to meet someone at a popular place so you don’t get lost.  The Circus is simply a roundabout that connects the streets of Regent and Piccadilly in Westminster, London.

18. Times Square – New York, USA

Times Square – New York, USA

photo credit: Omni Hotels

The location of the ball drop on New Year’s Eve is bright and noisy, day and night.

19. Magnolia Silos – Texas, USA

Magnolia Silos – Texas, USA

Chip & Joanna Gaines featured the Silos and the creation of the Magnolia bakery in their hit HGTV show Fixer Upper.  The couple’s popularity immediately put the Silos on probably every HGTV fan’s bucket list.  Don’t go thinking you can catch a glimpse of the couple though.

20. Burj Khalifa Tower – Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa Tower – Dubai, UAE

photo credits: dotwnews.com

This skyscraper in the Middle East is 1,918 feet tall and has 163 floors.  It also charges $75 if you want to go to the very top and see dessert, water, and other buildings.

21. Mount Rushmore – South Dakota, USA

21. Mount Rushmore – South Dakota, USA

This is the closest you can get to one of the most famous sculptures in the world.  Better alternatives would be a scenic drive around Black Hills for a better look at the sculptures or the Devil’s Tower.

22. The Little Mermaid – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Little Mermaid – Copenhagen, Denmark

photo credits: www.visitcopenhagen.com

Despite being vandalized several times, the statue continues to welcome visitors to the harbor due to the care showed by the people of Copenhagen. The famous bronze statue is 1.25 meters tall and situation on a rock at the Langelinje Pier.

23. Navy Pier – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Navy Pier

It’s 3,300 feet long on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. While there is no fee to enter the Navy Pier, the attractions & restaurants can be quite costly.  It would be better to go to the Shedd Aquarium or the Museum of Science and Industry.

24.  Kentucky Derby Infield – Kentucky, USA

The infield is where people want to see the next Derby winner, mingle with friends, and meet people. Unlike in the old days though, it can be really rough and full of people who have had too much to drink.

25.  Hollywood – Los Angeles, California

Kentucky Derby Infield – Kentucky, USA

Might be worth the trip IF you have someone to take you to the top attractions like Universal Studios, The Wax Museum, etc.