plastic straw alternatives
plastic straw alternatives

3 Best Eco-Friendly Plastic Straws Alternatives

Plastic straws seem to be the talk of the town. Bans on plastic straws have already been introduced or taken into effect into major cities like Seattle, San Francisco, London and now, New York. So why are plastic straws are suddenly heading for extinction?

With growing environmental challenges such as waste and pollution, people are starting to tackle these issues one by one. Currently, only about 9% of all plastics are being recycled. While companies such as American Airlines and Starbucks have pledged to remove plastic straws, that represents a tiny portion of the plastic straw problem and even a smaller one of the overall issue.  So why are we banning plastic straws? It’s about sending a message and starting a global shift towards environmentally friendly products from single-use products. Not only that, single-use plastics often contain dangerous chemicals like Bisphenol-A(BPA). FDA has expressed concerns about the effects of BPA on brain, behavior, prostate glands in infants, children, and even fetuses. There have been further links of BPA with cancer, heart problems, brain and hormone issues. While further studies are necessary, it’s clear that BPA should be taken out from our daily lives, and at the very least, out of our mouths.

Critics of the plastic straw ban are simply not getting the message, as they are trying to figure out how a plastic straw ban will immediately solve the environmental crisis on our hands. It won’t. At least not by itself. But getting our foot in the door, and starting to bring attention to things such as single-use plastics is a great step. Next step would be joining big cities in banning plastic bags.

So if you want to join the movement and get an environmentally responsible straw for your next coffee or drink, here are some great alternatives.

3 Best Eco-friendly Alternatives for Plastic Straws

1. Stainless Steel Straws

It’s durable, feels great to drink out of and it will certainly bring positive attention when you serve up some drinks in your house. The only downside is that metal obviously doesn’t bend like an average straw. However, there are ones that are already bent and work just fine!


  • Heavy duty
  • Look stylish
  • BPA free
  • Drinks taste better

You can buy some good metal straws here.

2. Compostable Straws

These straws don’t use trees in their production and can be composted in a matter of months. They can also bend, are made from plants and are environmentally sustainable.


  • Compostable, can be tossed without guilt
  • BPA free
  • Bendable
  • Made from plants

You can buy two packs of 50 compostable straws for just 10 bucks.

3. Reusable Glass Straws

When looking for eco-friendly alternatives to straws you probably would forget all about glass. Glass is a great alternatiev as people tend to care for it and recycle it much better than plastic. It lasts a long time and is obviously BPA free.


-Better taste than plastic straws

-Reusable and good for the environment

-Feels natural to sip from glass


You can buy glass straws here that are shatter resistant and even offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. They also come with a cleaning brush.

Don’t Buy Paper Straws

Many people who are ditching plastic straws are buying up paper ones. However, paper straws are made from precious trees, they tend to be flimsy and fall apart very quickly. It’s difficult enough to use them once, let alone reuse them several times. If we want something that is environmentally sustainable, we have to move away from plastic and paper.

Avoid anything single-use

Do your best in avoiding anything that is designed to last for one use. Those items are simply unsustainable and will result in a disaster for our environment. A great place to start is to bring reusable bags when shopping, limit take out food (or at the very least their utensils, napkins, etc) and buy a reusable water bottle.