3 Eco-Friendly Options Instead of Your Gas Lawn Mower

First Reel MowerLawn mowers have come a long way, since the first one in 1827.  We’ve made lawn mowers mow the lawn more efficiently, we’ve made them gas powered to reduce the energy we have to expend ourselves and we’ve improved the overall lawn mowing experience.  But what have these advances in technology done for the environment? Since the very first lawn mower that was powered by hand, how have we – in 2014 – made lawn mowers environmentally friendly? We haven’t. Instead we use non-renewable resources to mow grass that does little to nothing for us. It’s hard to profit of something that comes in an unlimited supply, hence, our industry makes products powered by gas.  But if you don’t have an electric, or at least a hybrid car, you are already largely dependent on the oil industry. Wild increases in oil prices and limited supply are not a way to look forward into the future.  If you really want to make your grass “green”, it’s time you use greener methods. Here are three eco-friendlier options to use instead of your typical gas-powered lawn mower.

1. Electric Powered Lawn Mower

Electric Lawn Mower Electricity can be generated many ways, it’s the best source of power that we have. This Greenworks lawnmower uses the power of electricity to get the job done. It does require your push,  but it moves easily and cuts efficiently. It can easily compete with the typical gas powered push lawn mower. Keep in mind that there are a ton of options when it comes to electric lawnmowers. You can get models that are self-propelled and cordless.

Advantages of a Electric Lawnmower:

  • Moves quietly
  • Eco-friendly, uses electricity instead of gas. Produces ZERO emissions
  • Saves you money over time
  • This particular lawn mover is very light weight and has no problem cutting high grass

GreenWorks 20″ 3 in 1 Lawnmower on Amazon for $169.

2. Push Reel Lawn Mower

pushreellawnmowerDoes it look familiar? Well it should. This model is very similar to the first lawn mower ever made. It’s powered by you, and requires no power but your own! There’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics. Besides, this Greenworks lawn mower is more technologically advanced than it seems. It also has 16″ blades and large 10″ adjustable wheels.

Advantages of Push Reel Lawn Mower:

  • As eco-friendly as it gets
  • Very inexpensive
  • Light exercise while you are mowing you lawn
  • Lasts longer, as it doesn’t use complex parts

GreenWorks 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher for $81

3. Forget the Lawn, Grow a Garden!

growfoodnotlawnsThink about it, what has your lawn ever done for you besides give you a pain in the neck (or back)? It provides us with little to nothing yet requires hours of work and hundreds of dollars per year. If you are putting that much time and money into something, why not get something out of it?  Transform your boring lawn into a fabulous garden! Imagine – your own berries, fruits and veggies growing right in your front lawn. All you need is some seeds, creativity and love.

Advantages to Growing Your Own Food:

  • Unlimited supply of organic food
  • Gardening is super relaxing and enjoyable
  • Getting dirty will benefit your skin, heart and immune system
  • Get to know your neighbors, by giving out the surplus for free
  • Form a food is free community
  • Reap the fruits of your labor, literally

Here’s a book that may help you (Kindle $0.99)

Square Foot Gardening – How to Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Garden: Organic Gardening, Squre Foot Gardening, Organic Vegetables, Organic Berries, Own Garden, Canning, Preserving