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produce aisle lg1

3 Simple Rules To Make Your Food Shopping Easy

Sometimes finding and shopping for healthy food gets overwhelming but it shouldn’t be. Here are 3 simple rules to follow that will make your shopping super easy.

1. Read Your Labels

One of the most important things when you go out to shop for food, is to read the labels. People have learned to check for calories and fat, which can be important, but there’s a section that is essential to your health. The ingredients section. Even when buying organic, or “natural” products, it’s very important to read the ingredients. As a general rule of thumb, when shopping, avoid any product that has more than a handful of ingredients. Also, avoid a label with a lot of ingredients that you cannot pronounce or understand.

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2. Know Your Digits

Many people have shared this image, which I find to be quite helpful. It shows how to read the fruit and vegetable labels in your supermarket. Even with Whole Foods stepping up, it doesn’t look like GMOs will be labeled any time real soon. I think this is an excellent and quick way to avoid buying genetically modified products.

Organic Label Codes

Conventionally grown produce uses a 4 digit code, and starts with a 3 or 4.

Organic produce uses a 5 digit code and starts with a 9.

Genetically modified produce uses a 5 digit code and starts with an 8.

Our best bet in avoiding GMOs and other health hazards, is to band together and share information like this.

3. Look For This Label

When shopping look out for the USDA organic label. It’s your best bet to find products that are genuinely organic. 100% natural, natural, whole, etc. Don’t mean anything anymore. Read why here. While this label doesn’t guarantee that the product is completely healthy, it does place strict regulations on the way the ingredients are grown and how the product is produced.