healthy cooking tips 1
healthy cooking tips 1

3 Simple Tips To Cook Healthier

1. Stop frying vegetables with oil

Instead, use a few spoonfuls of water (depending on a number of vegetables). Add water, add the vegetables, put a cover on and saute the vegetables instead. It’s a much healthier alternative and it’ll help you get more out of your vegetables.

2. Eat beans without getting gassy

A lot of people avoid boiling and cooking beans because it makes them gassy. Well, there’s a simple solution to avoid this. Beforehand, soak the beans in water overnight. While you are soaking the beans, add 3-4 inches of kombu together with the beans. Let it soak overnight, and then boil the beans with the kombu. You can throw it out once you’re done the cooking or eat it.

3. Trying to eat dairy-free? Replace eggs and get the same delicious result

Whether you are baking a cake, waffles or just about anything else, eggs are not necessary. You can replace eggs with banana, apple sauce or soaked chia seeds. It’s a healthy and creative alternative.

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