creative gifts 2017
creative gifts 2017

Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Every Budget – ULTIMATE 2017 LIST

One of the best feelings in life is giving. One of the worst is finding what to give. The fact is, people don’t know what they want, so how could you? Foodies, health enthusiasts, gym rats, travelers and book worms – they all want something different. So we’ve analyzed most wished for and best selling lists, to compile the the ultimate gift ideas. There’s something here for everyone and for every budget.

Best Gifts Under $10

Travel Cord Organizer


After a long flight or even before it, there’s nothing worse than seeing your cords in a tangled nightmare. Stay organized and elegant with this simple organizer.

Manly Organic Peppermint Soap


A must have for those whose bodies endure long hours of training or hard work.

Vegan Hand Cream


Vegan and natural hand cream from 100% pure. Softer hands is a great way to start the special ocassion.

Sloth Slow Brew Tea Infuser


Everyone loves sloths and everyone loves tea. It only makes sense that this sloth tea infuser would be the ultimate gift for a tea lover!

Indoor Basket Plant Hanger


One common concern for people who want to grow their own herbs is a lack of space. Well this plant hanger takes care of that problem in a stylish way. Grow your own herbs indoors or out.

Organic Hibiscus Ginger Tea


Tea is a classy kind of gift, perfect for the tea connoisseur.

Best Gifts Under $25

Go Away Coffee Mug


This is for the coffee loving + morning hating friend.

Lace Anchors


Forget those pesky laces and turn any shoe into a slip-on shoe with this super simple gadget.

Coffee Infused Socks


Smelly socks are a thing of the past. These socks are infused with coffee and made with advanced material to prevent smelly feet.

Inflatable Travel Pillow


Travel pillows are great and they can make long flights bearable. The problem? They take up so much space. Every traveler knows that being space efficient is the key to comfortable travel. Most of the travel pillows are thrown out after one flight. So how about a comfy and inflatable pillow that you can store and use over and over again?

Herbs Plant Kit


You can save a ton of money, improve your health and take ownership of your food supply by growing your own food. What a better way to start than by growing your own herbs? This kit has everything you need to start doing just that.

LifeStraw Water Filter


Clean water is becoming a serious issue around the world. For campers, travelers and those living in areas with contaminated water, a filtration system is a must. But don’t wait to get home to get your water with this portable filter.

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse


Mice are one of the most used devices on the planet. They are also responsible for affecting the way our wrists age. Carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis are just some of the problems that could be caused by long hours of uncomfortable and unnatural positions of your hand. This ergonomic mouse takes the stress from your wrist by using a unique design.

In Ear Bluetooth Earphones


Wires are a thing of the past. For fitness lovers, there’s nothing better than a good sounding and most importantly, portable headphones.

Sushi Beginner’s Guide Book


At one point or another, we all wanted to make our own sushi. It can be intimidating, but with this book, it doesn’t have to be. It’s almost a selfish gift because surely, you will expect great sushi on your next visit.

Organic Baby Purees Recipe Book


Baby food can be expensive but it can also be unhealthy. At a crucial point in their life babies need the most nutritious and least processed food possible. Give the gift of knowledge to a mother or father.

Tile Mate Key Finder


Know that one person who’s always late because they lose their keys, wallet or phone? Well tell them – no more – with this gadget. It allows you to track items on your phone.

Cards Against Humanity Game or Expansion Pack


It’s bold, it’s inappropriate and they’ll love it. Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious party game for adults where players use random cards to answer questions. It will undoubtedly lead to awkward and hysterical moments that will break the ice. If they already own the game, buy them an expansion pack. Laughing relieves stress and can improve the quality of life.

Best Gifts Under $50

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)


A personal assistant is invaluable to bosses around the world. But couldn’t we all use one at home? To play music, find news, read books and to answer our questions. Amazon Echo does just that.

Ninja Master Prep Blender


Everyone needs a blender. Juices, protein shakes, mixed drinks, you name it and this baby can do it.

Best Gifts Under $100

Set of Smart LED Bulbs


A new-era of home improvement devices are here. Start your smart home with some smart LED bulbs that you can control with your phone. Change colors, dim the lights and use voice activation. You can even control the lights when you are not even home. They are Alexa compatible as well.

Dimable LED Desk Lamp with Phone Charger


By far the most annoying thing is having a super dim or super bright light. Most desk lights don’t let you adjust the light just right. This one has 5 color modes and 6 dimable settings for different environments and times of the day. It also comes with a usb port for easy charging of your electronics!

Over Ear Bluetooth Headphonescool-gift-ideas-2017

Bluetooth headphones are taking the industry by storm but unlike popular brands, this one is great quality and just under $60.

Heavy End Grain Cutting Board


For a home cook, not all cutting boards are the same. A high end cutting board doesn’t slide, pollute your food with harmful chemicals and is comfortable to use. This end grain board is heavy, sleek and won’t scratch your knives.  A perfect gift for any cook.

Best Gifts Under $500

Electric Standing Desk by Stand Up Desk Store


Does you spend at least several hours sitting by their computer? An electric standing desk might be just you need to energize yourselfand get some work done. Research shows that prolonged periods of sitting is literally killing you. Not to mention it is ruining your posture and making you lazy in the process. The gift of comfort and better health is unbeatable. This one is an easy to assemble, electric and affordable desk.

Excalibur Stainless Steel Dehydrator


Dried pineapples, cranberries, apples, veggies – all possible with this top of the line food dehydrator. Dried veggies or fruit can cost a fortune at the grocery store and your favorite foods may not even be available. Just cut up your favorite foods, throw it in the dehydrator and leave it for a few hours. Nutritious and healthy food never tasted so good.

Bluetooth Precision Cooker


Cooking things at precise temperatures means better tasting and more nutrient packed dishes. This device connects to your smartphone and can alert you when your food reaches the ideal temperature, so you don’t even have to be in the room while your food cooks. It can be adjusted to precision cook in any pot or tank that you have. A must have for any home chef!

Bluetooth Enabled Pressure Cooker


A pressure cooker is a must-have for every home. It is the perfect tool to cook healthy and delicious homemade meals without any effort. However, this cooker takes things to a new level with the ability to connect to your phone. You can use built-in smart programs and view recipes, right on your phone!

Water Filtration System With Fluoride Filters


Give the gift of unlimited clean water. This water filter takes out harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. It also reduces nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury. With the added filters it also allows you to filter out fluoride.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones


Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life with noise-canceling headphones. They can provide the much needed minutes of relaxation from a loud environment.

Amazon eGift Card


If you really can’t decide or simply don’t know the person well enough, give them a eGift card. It’s super convenient and unlike their plastic counter-parts, they’ll never lose it. If you do end up giving a gift card, make sure it’s for somewhere where they have a big selection and where they likely shop. Amazon is the most popular online marketplace in the world, so chances are they will find something they like.