halloween treats featured
halloween treats featured

30 Spook-tacular and Delicious Halloween Treats

The spookiest day of the year is just around the corner! Is your sweet list complete? Why not add some of these lip-smacking Halloween goodies to your spread?

1) Dias de los Muertos Cookies

2) Ghostly Biscotti

3) Bloody Cupcakes

4) A Choco Pumpkin Dessert

5) Bone-y Meringue Treat

6) A Witchy Choco Cake

7) Smile, Drac!

8) Stuck on a Web

9) A Yummy Mummy Cake

10) Popcorn Ghosts

11) Monster Choco Orange Whoopies

12) Oreo Spiders

13) Halloween Trail Mix

14) Krispie Mummies

15) Black Poisoned Apples

16) Cinnamon Bat Cookies

17) Choco Pumpkin Cupcakes with Hazelnut Frosting

18) Cute Shortbread Owls with Almonds

19) Ghostly Strawberries

20) Pumpkin Pops

21) Coconut Ghost Apples

22) Peanut Butter Gums

23) Choco Cream Cheese Graveyard Dip

24) White Choco Mice Cakes

25) Bleeding Choco Cups

26) Cute Halloween Kebabs

27) Pumpkin Candy Cup

28) Four-Ingredient Eyeballs

29) Red Velvet Eyeballs

30) Cheesy Broomsticks