best cupcake design 36
best cupcake design 36

35 Cupcake Designs That Will Leave You Drooling

A friend once told me that cupcakes are really small cakes. This is why you leave a bit of space between the top of the cake and the top of the cupcake holder. That seemingly insignificant area makes for one of the two most important elements in a cupcake: the design. If you think making a cake look as good as the ones on baking shows is hard, then try decorating a teeny tiny cake! Feeling up to the challenge? Well, go grab your spatula and piping bag! Here are 35 of the most awesome cupcake designs to get you going! 

1. Cute Mini Cakes

2. Chocolate and Daintiness

3. A Frozen Masquerade

4. Spring Cupcakes

5. A Whole Lot of Deliciousness

6. Peppermint-y Swirl

7. Forty and Loving It

8. A Train Named Thomas

9. A Little Girl and Hearts

10. Lovely to Behold

11. Sprinkles of Fun

12. Elegant in White

13. Flowers Flowers

14. Hearts Galore

15. Who loves to sew??

16. Baby’s 5!

17. Who wants corn cupcake?

18. Silvery New Year

19. Fudgy caramel-y goodness

20. Sweet Cupcakes

21. Busy Bees

22. Dainty and pink

23. For the master seamstress

24. Pink and delicious

25. Royally awesome

26. Flowers and pearls

27. Brightly colored yumminess

28. A YUMderland of cupcakes

29. Hello Kitty Cuteness

30. Of yellow, pink, and blue

31. Rainbow dotted goodness!

32. Fancy flowers

33. Sesame Street loves Oreos

34. Sanrio Fan

35. Cute and cupcakes