Coffee Art Dhan Tamang Jason Ingram 06 1170x780
Coffee Art Dhan Tamang Jason Ingram 06 1170x780

40 Artfully Crafted Coffee Designs

Have you ever seen a panda in your coffee? How about a beautiful flower or a smiling heart? Many coffee lovers now stop for a minute before they take a much-needed sip of their latte. Why? To take a quick snap of their coffee. If you have not heard of art coffee designs, this is your lucky day. Here are 40 of the most delightful art designs you may just find in your cup one day. What’s your favorite?  

1. a smiling Panda bear

2. Saturn and the stars

3. Swirls

4. Running squirrel

5. Single flower

6. Three flowers

7. Layered petals

8. Swan with leaf

9. Smiling heart

10. Heart swirls

11. Big feather pattern

12. Hello Kitty

13. Heart swirls

14. Smiling sun with rays

15. Onion heart

16. Heart in the middle

17. Chocolate and milk sunflower

18. iCoffee 

19. Choco paws

20. Enjoy umbrella

21. Lion face

22. Peacock 

23. Mommy kangaroo with baby

24. Sunny ocean with birds 

25. Serious kitty

26. Sleeping kitty

27. Chocolate powder heart 

28. Swimming fishy

29. Standing swan

30. Circle with swirls

31. Swimming fishy, too

32. I love you

33. Gary the snail

34. Choco seaweed

35. Onion heart, too

36. G clef

37. Ladies’ hat

38. Christmas tree

39. Snowy Christmas

40. Royal peacock

Aren’t they wonderful? If you want to try your hand at creating these designs, baristas go by two important ingredients: one fresh shot of espresso with the right amount of cream AND steamed milk that is properly textured. To make the “microfoam” (the white part you will design with), add steam to the milk then heat it rapidly. To create your work of art, pour the steamed milk properly. For more details on how to create latte coffee art designs, check out this beginner’s guide. Happy creating and drinking!!