insane food beondegi
insane food beondegi

40 Insane Foods Eaten Around The World

I’m sure many of you have tried some strange food at one point or another. But how strange is strange? Here are some of the most insane food from around the world. Do you have the stomach to try any of them?

1. Australia’s witchetty grub is a moth’s larva and a favorite of native Aborigines.

2. Whale meat is consumed in Japan, US, Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Iceland. Each 45 gram strip has 147 calories and 31 grams of protein.

3. The Japanese use digger wasps, known to have a mean sting, to create this biscuit. 

4. Turtle soup is quite popular in China, Singapore & the United States. It’s made with the meat, skin, and innards of the soft-shell turtle or the snapping turtle.

5. In Japan, even the eyes of the tuna are not exempt. They are boiled or steamed and seasoned with garlic or soy sauce. 

6. Tripe, or the stomach lining of an animal, has a sponge-like honeycomb texture and is eaten all over the world.

7. Steak tartare from France is really uncooked ground beef seasoned with Worcester sauce and served with onions, capers, and raw egg.

8. In China, you’ll see starfish outside of the water, too. It would be dry and sold as a snack, though.

9. Does anyone really know FOR SURE what’s inside this best-selling canned meat from the US?  

10. Another strange food from the US is the southern fried rattlesnake which tastes a little bit like frog legs.

11. Shirako from Japan is a cod’s sperm sac that is steamed or deep fried.

12. Again from Japan is meat from a variety of sea creatures, served raw and served in the animal’s fermented and salted viscera. 

13. Another popular dish from China is shark fin soup. As the name explains, it is made from a shark’s fins which is dried, congealed and mixed in chicken broth.

14. Some sago grubs from Southeast Asia are edible and supposedly taste like bacon when cooked.

15. Rocky mountain oysters from the US are really bull testicles dipped in a batter of flour, pepper, and salt, before being fried. 

16. Pickled eggs from the UK are just hardboiled eggs left in a jar of vinegar.

17. Mopane worms are from Southern Africa. They are dried or smoked to last longer. 

18. In the UK, New Zealand and Australia, you can find marmite or vegemite which is the slurry found in the bottom of beer barrels. It is spread on toast or eaten with cheese.

19. Khash from the Middle East, East Europe & Turkey is a delicacy of stewed cows feet and head. 

20. Kangaroo meat from Australia used to be a staple for indigenous groups. Now, it’s found in steaks, sausages or burgers.

21. Jing Leed are really plain old Thai grasshoppers seasoned with salt, pepper powder and chili before getting fried.

22. Iceland’s hákarl is the rotting carcass of a Greenland or basking shark that’s been buried in a pit, pressed with stones and then hung out to dry.

23. Haggis from Scotland is made up of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs mixed with onions, oatmeal, suet, salt, and spices. Probably the most interesting thing about about haggis is that it’s cooked inside the animal’s stomach.

24. The guinea pig is not only used for science experiments. In South America, it is served whole and roasted or in a casserole.

25. Fugu from Japan is puffer fish which is meticulously prepared ONLY by certified chefs.

26. Frog legs are common in France, Southeast Asia and other countries. 

27. Fried spider is very popular in Skuon, Cambodia. It’s marinated in MSG, sugar and salt before fried in garlic. 

28. Escargots-à-la-Bourguignonne from France are cooked in a sauce made of white wine, garlic, butter, and parsley.

29. Dogs, especially dog meet, are very valuable in Vietnam now than in Korea and China.

30. The crocodiles in Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa are also harvested for their meat, which tastes like something between chicken and crab.

31. In Vietnam, they get the cobra’s beating heart and place it into a shot glass filled containing its own blood. 

32. Chicken’s-Feet-–-East-Asia-Caribbean-South-America-and-South-Africa

33. Cherry blossom meat (Japan) is actually raw horse meat.

34. The century egg from China is preserved using a mixture of clay, ash, and quicklime. While it tastes like hardboiled egg, it smells of sulphur and ammonia.

35. Casu marzu from Italy is more commonly known as “maggot cheese.” It is sheep’s milk cheese that has live insect larvae.

36. Bushmeat is the meat of any wildlife from the plains of Africa.

37. Black pudding or blood sausage is congealed blood cooked with a variety of natural flavourings, thickening agents, breadcrumbs and then stuffed into sausage skin. (Africa, Americas, Asia & Europe)

38. Bird’s nest soup from Southeast Asia is from the home of the swiftlet bird whose gummy saliva turns hard when exposed to air. 

39. A South Korean favorite street food, the “beondegi” are silkworms that are boiled, steamed or lightly seasoned. 

40. A favorite evening snack in the Philippines, “balut” is a boiled fertilized duck egg. Make a small hole on the shell, sip the juice, then peel off the rest of the shell to eat the contents.