5 bad eating habits A1 810x456
5 bad eating habits A1 810x456

5 Bad Eating Habits That You Should Avoid Now

1. Not Chewing Your Food

Research shows that not chewing your food enough can affect not only your nutrition but digestion as well. Contrary to the common belief, digestion actually starts in your mouth. Your saliva contains enzymes which break down fat among other things.

Chewing also breaks the food into smaller pieces, so when the food goes in your stomach, it will digest quicker and mix with your stomach acid more. Longer chewing will increase protein absorption. It also makes some minerals and vitamins in uncooked fruit and vegetables more available for absorption.

2. Having a Cold Breakfast

Having a warm meal in the morning will help you feel comforted and maintain a feeling of fullness longer than if you were to eat a simple white carb based cereal. Oatmeal topped with fruits, seeds, and nuts will be nutritious, will keep you full, and energized for longer.

3. Skipping Breakfast

organic vanilla coconut oatmeal

It has been said way too many times, but it’s true – breakfast is your most important meal of the day. First of all, the word breakfast is made from two words “break” & “fast”. Fast because your body is fasting for all the hours that it’s asleep. By morning it’s starving for nutrients to keep you energized and focused through the day. If you are trying to lose weight, skipping breakfast will actually end up making you eat more through out the day. Don’t skip it. Have a full and healthy breakfast within an hour of waking up. Your body will thank you.

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4. Not Watching What You Eat, Literally

Are you always watching tv, checking your phone and doing other things while you eat? If you are not paying attention to what your eating, your body won’t feel as full or satisfied. It will also cause you to over eat. A study showed, that a group who ate while playing Solitaire, ate 125 calories more when they snacked later. Eating on the go or eating straight out of the bag will have the same effects. So take your time and enjoy what you’re eating.

5. Not Eating Enough Colors

Fruits and Vegetables

No, I’m not talking about skittles. Foods with rich, bright colors are not only beautiful, but they tend to be the most nutritious. I am talking about natural foods of course (we all know junk food can come in all kinds of pretty colors).  Rich colored fruits and vegetables, contain flavonoids and carotenoids. They are responsible for binding free radicals inside your body, which in turn lowers the inflammation.

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Actually there have been studies that skipping breakfast is good for your metabolism. This explains why I hardly felt the need to eat it.

Blue Aventurine
Blue Aventurine

Five simple yet purposeful messages to do right by one’s body. Habits are easy to break in and out of if we care enough. Thank you for reminding me of problems I should be fixing in regards to eating smarter for my body.


Actually there have been studies that skipping breakfast is good for your metabolism. This explains why I hardly felt the need to eat it.