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nyc best farmers markets 810x540

5 Best Farmers’ Markets in New York City

New York City is known to have best-in-class restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, but it hasn’t gained the reputation that it deserves for the farmers’ markets. As you may think, it is challenging to live in one of the world’s most dense cities and get access to fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. Many New Yorkers assume that they have to cross the bridge or a tunnel to purchase produce from local farmers. We’re here to tell you otherwise! The convenience and variety of farmers’ markets in New York City is incredible! Check out the list below, and you’ll be astonished with the variety and quality of the markets in NYC.

So take the time to visit one, or all, of these markets, and get your fresh produce. It’s a win-win strategy for all. You get healthy and organic goodies and kindly support people who work hard to make sure that you have access to quality products.

1. Union Square Greenmarket


This market began with a few farmers in 1976, and had grown into one of the largest farmers’ markets in NYC. In the peak-season, over 140 farmers, fishers, and bakers gather to this market to sell their product. Find fresh vegetables, fruits, award-winning cheeses, home-made bread, jams, wine, and cider.


  • Open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (8am-6pm)
  • Address: 1 Union Square W (between Park Ave & 17th), New York, NY 10003
  • Seasonality: All-year-round

2. Borough Hall Greenmarket


Besides finding great farmers’ products at Borough Hall Greenmarket, you’ll have access to cooking demonstrations, nutrition information, and health screenings.


  • Open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (8am-6pm)
  • Address: Court St. and Remsen St., Brooklyn, NY 11226
  • Seasonality: All-year-round

3. 79th Street Greenmarket

Every last Sunday of the month, farmers sell regionally grown grains, beans, and flours, and lead cooking demonstrations at the Greenmarket’s Regional Grains Project Pop-Up shop.


  • Open on Sundays (8am-6pm)
  • Address: Columbus Ave & 78th Street, New York, NY 10024
  • Seasonality: All-year-round

4. Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket


Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket is the second largest farmers’ market in NYC. Every Saturday, they lead various events ranging from kids’ cooking lessons to colorful vegetable tastings.


  • Open on Saturday (8am-4pm)
  • Address: Prospect Park West & Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Seasonality: All-year-round

5. Eagle Street Rooftop Farm


Here’s your rare chance to get your produce directly from the farm! Have we mentioned that it’s located on a rooftop and features a breathtaking view of the skyline?


  • Open on every last Sunday of the month (1pm-4pm)
  • Address: 44 Eagle St., Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Seasonality: May-October