5 Best Tasting Vegan Proteins

We wrote about the 5 healthiest vegan protein powders but people are hungry to know, which protein actually tastes the best? Although it is a common misconception that you have to sacrifice taste when choosing plant based proteins, while it may be true in some cases, it’s certainly not with these five! You shouldn’t have to pick between great taste or your health. So, we personally reached out some of the healthiest protein manufacturers and received tons of samples to taste. Sure, we sacrificed a lot by having to try all these great products but its all for you.

Our Process

We hand-selected proteins that met our strict healthiness criteria and reached to the companies for some samples to taste. Almost every single company had kindly agreed to let us test out their product and we had quite a selection of flavors and proteins to choose from. We used almond milk and a hand-shaker to make the protein shakes. Almond milk decreased the mixability a bit as it was refrigerated, which made the powder hard to dissolve. Although we have no regrets! Then we did a blind taste and picked out our favorite flavors from the bunch. Let me tell you, it was not easy. But in order not to make this 15 best tasting vegan proteins, we narrowed down to 5 of our favorites.


Plant Fusion Cookies N’ Creme

Opening up the protein you are greeted with a familiar smell. It’s cookies and cream! The taste is chocolatey and sweet but it is not overwhelming where you would need to chug a cup of water right after. The sweetness only adds 4 grams of sugar which is not much for a drink this size. There’s really no aftertaste. Overall, we absolutely love this flavor. We mentioned it’s a bit on the dusty side but this makes it ideal for easy blending in the hand held shaker.

Hand shaker mixability: ✓



You can purchase it here.


Manitoba Harvest Chocolate

Compared to Plant Fusion’s cookies n’ creme flavor, this is a bit on the bitter side. However, it tastes very similarly to dark chocolate, which is never a bad thing. This is a hemp protein, and usually, hemp proteins tend to be overly bitter but this one isn’t. If you love dark chocolate, you’ll love this flavor as well. We did notice that the protein powder tends to clump a bit when mixed in the hand shaker, but still mixes somewhat well.

The best thing about Manitoba is that it utilizes hemp as a protein source. Hemp is a very sustainable source of complete proteins and is super healthy. While hemp protein taste may be a little off putting to some at first, mixing it with fruit or simply buying a flavored version like this, can make it delicious. As far as hemp protein goes, this is the best we’ve tried.

Hand shaker mixability: ✓


You can purchase it here.


Vega One Chocolate

This is a much more sweet version of chocolate, it has almost like a chocolate ice cream flavor too it. Fantastic taste with no after taste. It mixes moderately well with minimal clumping in the hand shaker. Overall, if raw flavors are not for you, the vega one tastes and smells like a chocolate candy bar.

Vega One protein is not only about protein but about providing you a healthy regiment for your body. It’s filled with fiber, vitamins, minerals, omega 3, probiotics and antioxidants. Sure, it’s more than you bargained for in a protein, but in a great way.

Hand shaker mixability: ✓


You can purchase it here.


Plant Fusion Phood Chocolate & Caramel

This is our favorite chocolate flavored protein. The caramel flavor is not very noticeable but the chocolate is super smooth and not overly sweet. Has no aftertaste and mixes very well. This is their “everything shake” and it includes even veggies like radish and sprouted broccoli, so the fact that the taste is so smooth is very surprising.

This is the plant fusion’s version of a nutritional shake. Also filled with omega 3’s, probiotics, antioxidants (and more), this shake will give your body the jumpstart that your body needs for your active day.

Hand shaker mixability: ✓


You can purchase it here.


Vega One French Vanilla

When it comes to vanilla, it’s hard to find a protein that’s not excessively sweet but also not too bland. We think Vega One is the perfect middle. The vanilla flavor is in harmony with the slight taste of all the natural ingredients. But it is so smooth that it be hard to tell that it contains anything but protein and vanilla flavor.

Hand shaker mixability: ✓


You can purchase it here.


Keep in mind that wonderful taste lies in the tongue of the beholder, so your preferences may vary. But if you love adding your own twist to things, we recommend getting an unflavored version of these proteins and mixing in your veggies, fruits and seeds. Every time you start the blender, you will have no one else to blame or praise for the taste that hits your taste buds.

Which vegan protein is your favorite?

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