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5 Delicious Organic Drinks to Give You a Healthy Energy Boost (instead of Coffee)

While coffee tastes great and has been actually said to increase your life expectancy (when used in moderation), it does have a lot of down sides. Coffee has been known to increase anxiety. Also to increase homocysteine which increases your risk of heart disease, depression, cancer and dementia. This also depletes vitamins and causes mineral loss. While coffee may have benefits as well, we tend to over indulge ourselves  due to it’s addicting nature. The large amounts of sugar and cream also don’t help. I rarely see anyone sipping on a small cup of black coffee, including myself. So I’ve decided to find organic alternatives to give me a healthy boost in the mornings!

Scheckter’s Organic Energy


organic energy drink ingredients

Kevita Probiotic Drink

Kevita Lemon Ginger



Mama Chia

mamma chia Mama Chia Nutrition Facts



Home Made Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie


Coco Libre Coconut Water (or any coconut water!)

Coco Libre Coconut Water


Use these delicious alternatives to get more energy with more benefits for your health! A great way to start your day. If you’d like to do a review on any one of these, please feel free to submit it! Or if you’d like me to list the benefits of each drink just say so.