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person teeth toothbrush dental thread 3268016

5 Everyday Things That You Should Replace Now

While people associate improving their health solely with food, there are several other things which you use every day, which aren’t probably that healthy. There are many things besides food which can be bought organic, natural and bio-degradable. These products tend to be more environmentally friendly, and more importantly they will improve your life quality as well.

So here are 5 things that you use every day, which you should replace right now:

Body Wash & Shampoo

For years, I’ve used products like Head and Shoulders on my body when I showered. But there came a time in my life when I realized I don’t want 50 different chemicals on my body. Which seems counter intuitive anyway. So I’ve replaced my body wash and shampoo with organic and natural products. Right now, I use Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soaps, which are pure-castile and made with organic oils. It has a handful ingredients which I can recognize. I use this as my shampoo as well. It has many other uses. Find a body wash or shampoo that’s right for you and your body.


There’s a ton of research out there saying that fluoride is NOT good for your health or teeth. Communities are banning fluoridation of their water supplies. It’s time to take the easiest step to improve your health and get a toothpaste that is natural and fluoride free. I use Jason Citrus Mint toothpaste and I love it. I’ve been flossing and had no cavities for the past couple years. Think of all those unnecessary ingredients in your tooth paste that could be affecting your health.


Make Up

Think about it, you are putting this on your face every single day. Do you understand the ingredients inside your make up? Try to use organic skin care to prevent any damage to your skin and to improve your skin’s health.

Acne Medication

If you ever had acne (which is almost everyone!) you have probably “tried everything”. Everything that is on TV, that is.. But there are a ton of acne solutions that are 100% organic and natural. I remember I went to a dermatologist a few years back and he asked a few questions; 10 minutes later he gave me all kinds of nasty medication that did not improve anything. The fact is, NOBODY knows what acne is caused by. The reason why is simple, it’s because each person is different. So why destroy your health and skin further which harmful medication? Try something that will work naturally with your body and won’t cause you any harm in the process. If you want to know how I solved my acne naturally without any medication, leave a comment bellow.

Dish Washing Liquid

I’ve decided I don’t want to have harsh chemicals anywhere near me. So why do I need to wash my dishes and soak my hands with dangerous chemicals? I decided to replace it with a more natural solution. I currently use Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid. It’s still not perfect, with several ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate, but it’s a step in the right direction. I’ll continue looking for healthier alternatives.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow. If you have any organic product reviews that you want to share, feel free to submit them using the “share something button”.