good posture health benefits
good posture health benefits

5 Incredible Ways a Good Posture Can Change your Life

It is said that nearly 80% will have problems with their back during their lifetime. A lot of back pain is caused by bad posture. Why do we tend to slouch and have bad posture? Your body adapts to repetitive movements, positions, gravity and cultural patterns.  This means every time you are on your computer in a weird position, your posture is getting worse. So throw your shoulders back and sit up straight, and learn about the incredible effects a good posture can have on your life.


1. Feel Energized

When you are tired at work or home, you tend to sink into your chair in hopes of letting your body rest. However, the opposite happens. Your muscles actually work harder to keep you up. A perfect posture is actually the most efficient position for your body.  You will have more energy and less fatigue. A good posture means 30% more oxygen for your body. So next time you are gasping for air after a run, or are simply tired at work, remember to keep your back straight.

2. Less Anxiety and Pain

A good posture means less stress on your joints and back. This will prevent injuries and pain in the future. Anxiety often leads to shallow and rapid breathing, and pressure in the chest area. When you are slumped down, your lungs are not being used to their full capacity.  Correct posture will open your airways and improve your circulation, reducing anxiety and pressure.

3. You Will Look Sexier

When you see someone with a great posture, regardless of their fitness level, you automatically connect it with confidence. Someone who is confident is not going to walk around or sit hunched over. The way someone stands can say a lot about a person. Not only that, a bad posture could bring your belly forward appearing you to be much bigger than you actually are. So If you are trying to leave a good impression on an interviewer or the opposite sex, you will need a good posture.

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4. Feel More Confident

If you are looking sexier, feeling more energized, you are bound to feel more confident. Try it right now. Slouch down in your chair for 10 seconds and see how you feel. Then sit up with your back straight, head up, shoulders back and feel the difference. Even if you don’t feel anything, others will perceive you as more confident. And when they do, you will feel more confident yourself in return.

5. Smile More

A good posture will make you feel happier. It will bring you less pains, give you more energy and make you feel more confident. It’s a relatively small step for your transformation but it can yield big results. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference in your life.