7 Reasons Why Food Should Be Your Only Medicine

How many times have you been sick and the first though that comes through your mind is that you need to pop over to the nearest pharmacy to pick up some medicine? Probably more times you can count. Whether it’s a cold, headache, or any other symptoms, we have been taught that we need to take a pill to make us feel better. Well, I’m here to bring you up to date with facts that have been known for many centuries.


1.  Pharmaceutical Drugs are a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Pharmaceutical companies make trillions of dollars relying on people being sick. An article published on Yahoo in 2012, states that the top 50 pharmaceutical companies will generate over $1 trillion in annual revenues alone. But as a whole, the industry makes more money than anyone can count. Why is this relevant? Well, you are relying your health on these companies, who make their living by you being sick. By taking their pills you are essentially betting your life every time. How many commercials have you seen, with lawyers wanting to sue some drug company because 10 years later their drugs have left their patients with severe health effects.

One of the drugs that you may have heard of is Yaz. There have been over 10,000 US patients who have sued the company because of complications such as heart attacks, blood clots, stroke, bladder disease and death. Meanwhile, when the drug was released, it was on tv every other commercial. It was promoted as a safe drug.

Hundreds of people over dose on over the counter medicines. The fact is, too much of any drug can kill you. Even most basic pain relievers such as Advil or cough medicine. So why are we taking these and giving them to our children? When is the last time you saw someone overdose on green smoothies?

2. Majority of Diseases and Health issues Can be Cured/Prevented by the Right Diet

You don’t hear your doctors tell you this enough: most of the health problems that you have can be treated or prevented by a healthy diet. Only most of the time, we find out after we get sick. The fact is, your body is a machine. It needs high quality food, sleep and exercise. That’s it.

3. Your Body is Meant to be Cured Naturally

Humans have lived on this earth for many many years. For the majority time on this earth, humans have relied on what the mother nature provided for them. The fact is, humans, just like any other insect or animal, thrive on fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. No human made product will ever replace that. So when problems with health arise, your body is meant to be cured naturally as well. This is why unlike nature-made food, every single drug that is made, contains side effects.

4. Food is a Much Cheaper Form of Medicine

You may have walked into a grocery store and may have been shocked on just how expensive the vegetables are nowadays. Organic products carry a premium as well. But remember this, quality costs money. If you want processed, unnatural food, you can get it quite cheap. But you will pay the price later on when your health is deteriorating. And the price of food, just like anything else, including gas, has gone up because of inflation.  So it’s not just the healthy food that has gone up in price.

5. There are no Side Effects


When you pick up the drugs that your doctor prescribed, read the little packet or paper that comes with it. There’s a very long list of side effects. It’s almost comical, how you are treating a mild condition sometimes, yet the side effects include depression, dizziness, irritability, and even death. After each drug commercial, listen to them list the side effects. So we are “helping’ one thing, yet destroying our body in the process.

Now take organic vegetables and fruits. Let’s list the side effects: may cause good health and happiness.

6. Food is More Effective as Medicine

For these reasons food is way more effective than medicine. Change your diet around and drink green smoothies for a week or two. See if the problems that you have still persist? Yes, the cough syrup might supress your cold symptoms quicker, but it’s also damaging your body and making you more vulnerable to get sick once again. Everything starts from what you eat.

7. Drugs Only “Cure” the Symptoms


The most common misconception about drugs is that they cure something. Almost every single drug or pill that you take does not cure anything. But wait, I had a stuffy nose, I took some cold pills and now I’m fine. Well, the cold is a virus. Everyone has it, and will have it for as long as they live. Viruses are not curable. Through marketing, many drugs, including cold medicine, are made to seem like they cure and take care of our health problems. In reality, almost all drugs just suppress the symptoms, while our body fights the problems. Think about it, when something hurts and you take a pain killer, it does not cure the problem, does it? The pain killers simply block our receptors so we no longer feel pain. But the problem is still there. And that’s the biggest problem you have to understand about taking medicine and drugs. Even when your dermatologist prescribes pills or cream to apply to your face, it will not get rid of or cure acne for good.

So knowing this, why damage your health taking unnecessary pills and medicine? Instead why don’t we rely on eating healthy and prevent these diseases and common health issues in advance? Don’t wait for it to be too late. And even then, don’t take the option that’s the easiest. Transform your diet, eat healthy and change your life.

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