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7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

1. Don’t rush it, introduce it in small portions

A diet is extremely difficult to change. Your body adapts to your eating habits over a long time. So it’s also going to take some time to change it to a healthier diet.  If you want your kids to eat healthier, don’t force it on them all at once. Do it gradually. For example, If you want your kids to eat more vegetables, start by introducing them slowly into the meals. Chances are, kids aren’t going to like most of the vegetables. But even so, introducing them in smaller portions will get their taste buds to start accepting them. Start with raw organic vegetables, no sauces added. If you try to mask the taste of the vegetables, the kids will learn to like the sauce, not the vegetables. Over time, it will become part of their diet.


2. Substitution

If your kids love lasagna, you don’t have to take it away from them, just because the red meat and cheese may not be healthy. You can make a mouthwatering lasagna by using different ingredients. You can make it GMO, gluten, dairy & meat free and still make it taste delicious. You can try different recipes and experiment until you find something healthy that your child likes. Same goes with everything in their diet, you can substitute meals or ingredients, by finding healthier alternatives.

3. Make Them Love Organic Snacks

Kids as well as adults love snacking, and you are most likely not going to change that. But instead filling your shelves with chocolate candy bars, you can buy organic snacks. For example, Whole Foods has dried Pineapple, which simply tastes amazing. Kids want sugar, and fruits are nature’s candy. In moderation, they’re actually quite healthy.  You can also buy organic cereal, chips, etc. There’s a ton of options out there. Just make sure to check the ingredients. Always buy organic products with as little ingredients as possible. You can also make some healthy snacks and treats yourself.

4. Set An Example

You are their role model. If you are not eating healthy, but want your kids to eat healthy, that’s not going to happen. You’ll always have food around that they’ll crave, and they will feel that their meals are inferior to yours. Show them how eating healthy is great. Always wanted to lose weight but never had the motivation? Well here’s your chance. Do it for your kids. Turn your life around and they will follow. You may not only save their life & health but yours as well.

5. Avoid the Temptations

If you have a ton of unhealthy snacks and microwave meals around the house, it’s hard to avoid craving them. It’s important, especially during the time when the kids are turning their diet around, not to have a lot of distractions. Make sure your house contains only healthy organic food. Show them how easily you can whip up something delicious. For example, take a can of organic wild salmon, cut up some cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and greens, put them all in a bowl. Then add some organic mayonnaise, mix it up and voila. Simple and healthy.

6. Pack a Lunch

Giving them money to spend on cafeteria food isn’t the best way to get them to eat healthy. Pack them a healthy and filling lunch. A sandwich is easy to make, tastes great and the kids won’t mind it. Add an apple and some Vita coconut water and you have yourself a lunch.

7. Trick AND Treat

If you are really finding it hard to get them to eat healthy, try making smoothies. Buy a good blender. Then take some green veggies, mix them up with mangoes or bananas and experiment until it tastes delicious. Your kids won’t even know that they are drinking vegetables.

If you are just starting to eat organic food and eating healthy, you can use these tips yourself!

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One thing I would like to know. Why parents wait til their kids can decide what they want to eat, to introduce veggies. Start from early. Even if u aren’t a vegetarian


One thing I would like to know. Why parents wait til their kids can decide what they want to eat, to introduce veggies. Start from early. Even if u aren’t a vegetarian


You’re right. But I think the problem is that even if you do introduce your kids to vegetables, there comes an age where kids start going to school, and their friends houses, and other places.. And guess what, they won’t be eating vegetables there! So at a certain point,when they are old enough, I think it’s important to make them understand and want to include veggies in their diet themselves.