8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Many of us choose what we eat very carefully, or at least dedicate our minimum attention to it. But when it comes to drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, we do little to make the best decisions for our health. Which is a HUGE mistake. All the work for your body can be ruined in a weekend out. While foods and nonalcoholic beverages are required to list their ingredients and are monitored by the FDA, beer does not belong in either. Alcohol industry had lobbied for years to avoid labeling its ingredients. Some to protect its recipes, but most – to hide harmful ingredients.

Here are some harmful ingredients that are commonly found in beer:

  • GMO Corn Syrup
  • GMO Corn
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Fish Bladder
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Natural Flavors
  • GMO Sugars
  • Caramel Coloring
  • Insect-Based Dyes
  • Carrageenan
  • BPA
  • & lots more!

Here are the 8 beers that are commonly found in bars in the United States that you should stop drinking immediately.

1. Newcastle Brown Ale

newcastle gmo beer

The Newcastle beer has been found to contain caramel coloring. Class 3 and 4 caramel coloring is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen. While alcohol is a carcinogen itself, drinking it in moderation may decrease your chances at developing cancer. However, more added carcinogens will have the opposite effect. “The one and only” beer with extra cancer causing qualities.


Update: Great news! After a lot of pressure by all of you who read and shared the article, Heineken USA has reached out to us to let us know that caramel coloring is gone:

“I’m writing you to inform that Newcastle Brown Ale has proactively removed all caramel coloring from its beer. Newcastle now receives its flavor from natural roasted malts.”

It just goes to show you that companies are willing to change, especially when their money is on the line. Caramel flavoring was previously used by the company since 1927.

2. Budweiser

budweiser gmo beer

One of the most popular beers, or most advertised is Budweiser. Budweiser contains genetically modified (GMO) rice. Greenpeace discovered experimental GMO rice in Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) beer in 2007.

3. Corona Extra


I used to love Corona’s commercials. They were so peaceful and relaxing. That is until I found out that the beer contains GMO Corn Syrup and Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is controversial, and is said to may be potentially harmful to your health.

4. Miller Lite


This is another very popular beer in America that contains GMOs. Miller Lite contains GMO corn and corn syrup. It’s “GMO time”.

5. Michelob Ultra

michelob-ultra-gmoLess popular but still readily available Michelob beer should be eliminated from your choices. This beer has been found to contain a genetically modified sweetener (GMO dextrose).

6. Guinness


Guinness is often praised for it’s smoothness.  However, several investigations proved that Guinness ingredients are quite disturbing. The beer contains isinglass, an ingredient which comes from the fish bladder and high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup has been long banned from many stores and drinks.

Update: Good news! We’ve contacted Guinness and they have stated that they no longer use high fructose corn syrup in any of their beers.

7. Coors Light


Coors light is a drink that is very popular at bars and among college students.  Mostly because it’s cheap. The beer contains GMO corn syrup.

8. Pabst Blue Ribbon


Pabst Blue Ribbon contains GMO corn and GMO corn syrup.

Healthy Beer Alternatives

So when it comes to beer you have to be very careful. Your best option is to find a microbrewery that you can trust. As with everything, try to avoid cheap, low-quality products. Bars may offer Coors Light, Miller Lite or Budweiser specials, but they are cheap for a reason. The rest of the world is banning GMOs everywhere, while the USA is lagging years behind, and only several states offer GMO labeling laws. Try to stay away from any American beers. Choose organic beer. Beers that contain 100% organic labels, have to have ingredients that are all 100% organic. While an “organic” label just means 95% of it will be organic.  European beer is most likely to be safe from GMO ingredients but unfortunately, most other beer contains GMO artificial ingredients, stabilizers, grains and preservatives, plus, HFCS.

GMO-Free Beers:

Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered) 

  • Wolaver’s – all beers
  • Lamar Street – Whole Foods label (brewed by Goose Island)
  • Bison – all beers
  • Dogfish Head (organic when ingredients available)
  • Fish Brewery Company – Fish Tale Ales
  • Lakefront Brewery – Organic ESB
  • Brooklyn – (organic when ingredients are available)
  • Pinkus – all beers
  • Samuel Smiths – Samuel Smiths Organic Ale
  • Wychwood – Scarecrow Ale

Non-Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

  • Sierra Nevada – all choices
  • Duck Rabbit – Brown Ale, Porter, Amber Ale, Milk Stout
  • Dogfish Head- 60 Minute IPA, Shelter Pale Ale, Chicory Stout
  • Shipyard – Summer Brew
  • Victory Brewery – Whirlwind
  • North Coast – Blue Star
  • Bridgeport – IPA (Bottle conditioned)
  • Ayinger – all choices
  • Royal Oak – Pale Ale
  • Fraziskaner – Hefeweisse and Dunkel Weisse
  • Weihenstephaner – Hefe Weissbier
  • Maisel’s – Weisse
  • Hoegaarden – Belgian Wit


  • Heineken
  • Steamwhistle
  • Amstel Light
  • Duchy Original Ale Organic
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Fuller’s Organic
  • Nelson Organic Ale
  • Natureland Organic

Share This with Fellow Beer Drinkers

It’s important to expose companies that use harmful ingredients in our products. This information is hidden from the public with millions of dollars of false advertising, laws, etc. You can always vote with your money. As this information about GMO beers spreads, we will see a decrease in production of these beers and the companies may eliminate the harmful ingredients altogether. Most importantly, when you hang out with your friends, you will be able to share beer that’s more delicious and healthier.

If you have any additional information about GMO or non-gmo beers or want to correct some of the information, simply e-mail us or leave a comment with evidence bellow.

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  • ErixTheRed

    What the heck is wrong with Carrageenan (Seaweed) and fish bladder?

    • Jen

      Although derived from a natural source, carrageenan appears to be particularly destructive to the digestive system, triggering an immune response similar to that your body has when invaded by pathogens like Salmonella. The result: “Carrageenan predictably causes inflammation, which can lead to ulcerations and bleeding,”

      • Robert Burgett

        So can you provide a link to an article detailing an explosion of “ulcerations and bleeding”? What is the likelihood (probability) that carrageenan causes ulcerations and bleeding? You used the words “can lead”. Breathing oxygen “can lead” to death if you breathe PURE oxygen.

      • Edward

        If you knew anything about the brewing process, you would find out that clarifying agents such as carageenan and fish bladder carry charges, which binds to yeast cells, materials, etc… and drops out of solution. This is highly filtered out and nothing makes it into the finished product. Propylene Glycol is used in every single brewery in the entire world, small and large, to control fermentation temps. So go to your local Organic brewpub and ask them to show you how that works. You should also research the term “Toxicity”. Who defines and tests substances being produced and how your body is affected by exposure, level, etc…

  • kate

    OH NO…..

  • Rational Thinker

    Is every story on this page as scientifically shallow as this? This article was full of “may have” and”potential” for blah blah blah. “Contains GMO corn syrup or grains”. So what? That GMO grains/syrup are consumed by yeast and converted into alcohol. What is the proof of any harm to humans?

    Allow me to answer-nothing. But if depriving yourself of any of these products makes you feel better about yourself (and supports your superiority complex because YOU only go ORGANIC0, have at it. Lower demand for my Newcastle will hopefully lead to a glut of supply and lower cost for me.

    • If you have any evidence that supports your points, feel free to share. A lot of people come not only to share but to learn from others as well.

      As for your point about the “superiority complex”, that seems rather shallow. People choose to buy food that is organic, as it adheres to higher standards and is many times purer than their non-organic counterparts. Also, people don’t base all their decisions on what to buy based on their want to be “superior” to others, some just want to improve their health and food is a great place to start.

      As to “GMOs, so what”, if a food or ingredient is up for debate on whether it’s harmful to your health, you don’t want to be a test bunny and wait to find out who is right. Unfortunately, more often then not it turns out that foods companies are not very honest. These companies will literally do anything possible to save a penny, regardless on what these savings may do to your health. So give people a break that simply don’t want GMOs in their food.

      “Superiority complex is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person’s feelings of superiority counter or conceal his or her feelings of inferiority” – I think this definition may apply more to you than those who shop for organic food.

      • Actual Nutrition Scientist

        You want evidence? Here’s a meta-analysis of almost 2,000 peer-reviewed studies that concludes “the scientific research conducted so far has not detected any
        significant hazards directly connected with the use of genetically
        engineered crops.”

        Nicolia A, Manzo A, Veronesi F, Rosellini D. An overview of the last 10 years of genetically engineered crop safety research. Crit Rev Biotechnol. 2013 Sep 16. PubMed PMID: 24041244.

        If you have any high quality evidence (published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal) to show that GMOs are harmful, I would like to see it please.

        • Ben William

          Peer reviewed studies in this day and age are absolutely meaningless because of the amount of fraud involved with them.

          You’re SELLING me that GMO’s are harmless? Even though these CLIAMS come from the VERY SAME manufactures of Agent Orange. WHO BY THE WAY. gave us ‘peer reviewed studies that Agent Orange was completely harmless.

          There are plenty of studies and ‘real world’ disaster examples where GMO’s are extremely harmful on many different levels.

          Enjoy your GMO’s. As for me? I’ll gladly pass.

          • Daniel Hall

            Ben Williams, your comments are at least as extreme or more so as the person you are challenging!

          • Ben William

            The sun rising in the east is extreme.

          • Chris

            Just because neither have the information available to successfully overcome the other’s point doesn’t mean they do not touch on valid points worthy of being made aloud.

          • Reese Daniel

            Daniel Hall: Projection much?

          • Chris

            Exxon Mobile’s independent studies on global warming from 30 years ago are in line with today’s scientific community. They chose to pursue the opposing position publicly, there is definitely merit in questioning the veracity of research financed and dispensed by profit-minded institutions.

        • Yaspar

          The danger from GMOs is not that their consumption by humans is harmful. It is that the release of unnatural and modified genes into the wild could have serious unintended consequences in wild and cultivated plant populations.

          • Reese Daniel

            Yasper: Actually GMO frankenfood is both harmful to our bodies AND the earth. It changes our DNA and not in a good way. This is what will cause the world wide famine mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Monsanto (My Satan in Spanish) is killing off all the natural pollinators, such as honey bees with their toxic Roundup and GMO crops corrupt and destroy natural crops. This is all a planned Satanic agenda of population control and reduction. All these people on here advocating this poison are either paid shills or 5 beers short of a six pack.

        • orion-was-here

          While I understand you wanting to stand on the laurels of your peers, I would caution you to remember “scientist” & their peers said the sun revolves around the earth, & the earth was flat. We know how wrong they were.

        • DiscipleofYahushua

          a rise in gut disorders IMO are a direct result of GMO’s and artificial preservatives

        • Reese Daniel

          Actual Nutrition Scientist: And scientists are never paid by the powers that be to support an agenda. Nahhhhhh

      • Johnny

        It’s isn’t up to debate on how GMOs affect the body, a cursory glance at any medical text book on digestion and the process of breaking down protein and nucleotides you would see the possibility for danger or harm due to these genes is non existent. However if you feel the need to personally abstain from them, then I say go ahead but please don’t try and spread misinformation that isn’t backed up by scientific evidence.

        • Savin Hillbilly

          “Nonexistent” is overstating the case. Case in point:


          GMOs aren’t inherently unsafe, but they aren’t inherently safe either, and blanket statements about GMO safety should be looked on with suspicion whether they’re positive or negative. There are risks, and effective regulation is needed to address them.

          But I agree this feature is the worst kind of simple-minded GMO-scare stuff. And it poisons the well for thoughtful discussion of more serious issues with genetic engineering in agriculture–monopoly economics, poor cost/benefit performance to date, and inseparability from unsustainable ways of farming, as well as safety/regulation issues.

    • Susanne

      I think YOU are what you eat, as a medical professional NOW DAYS alot of Physicians are actually recommending a healthier diet that does not consist of processed foods they are leaning to organic, and non processed where I work at.. There is nothing more saddening than seeing someone come into a medical facility finding out they are terminal or have some horrendous ailment that could of been prevented by diet…..

    • Lawrence Braun


      Several studies published in peer reviewed journals suggests that GMO’s are harmful to the health of mammals – in various ways. You can read all about them in this article by Chris Kresser. link below. There are notations throughout the article linked to the peer reviewed journal publication websites and their research results.

      There are also several reports and research showing that there are no harmful effects of GMO. Those reports are also noted and linked in the article below.

      The conflict of interest – or reason why there is still a debate, is because all of the research that illustrates that GMO’s are safe, have been paid for and performed by the biotech companies responsible for commercializing the GM plants. These same researchers admit that more research needs to be done.

      So the jury is still out until further research is performed.

      So at this point, you make a personal decision based on your understanding and intuition.

      I choose not to eat GMO because I feel that most of the evidence is leading to it being harmful for people and the ecology and will continue to avoid it until I read more peer reviewed research that proves one way or another that it is safe. I also won’t campaign against it until that time.

      Hope this helps


    • Stilling Learning

      Do you have gut problems? Indigestion, bloating, gas, well you can thank Monsanto’s Genentically Modified grains that are infused with Essentially roundup and it destroys the intestinal tract.

      • Absolute_Shower

        Haha! Poppycock.

      • Tony R.

        A considerable amount of grain is grown for animal feed. If it were harmful to the digestive tracts of farm animals, the farmers would notice very quickly and such products would quickly fail in the marketplace. Use your God-given brain, man, instead of spewing nonsense.

    • Lisbeth

      Darwin award => you.

  • Ian Rineer

    Since they are made by the same company, should I assume that Miller Highlife also contains GMO corn and corn syrup? If so, that kinda sucks.

  • Jamielee

    What are the 8 beers to avoid? Did I miss them?

  • PA Vegetarian

    Using fish bladders is a pretty common filtration process used by brewers. Vegan/Vegetarian drinkers should be well aware that Guinness is by no means made unique by using this process. Expect any darker beer, especially an import, of having this.

  • Knuckles Mutatis

    Some things in this are reasonable, but GMO corn? – in and of itself, this is nothing but pseudoscience fluff for the gullible. There is absolutely zero peer-reviewed scientific evidence that GMO corn is any worse for you than non-GMO corn. Now as for corn syrup, it’s well…sugar…and sugar is proven to be horrible for you in all forms, be it organic cane sugar or HFCS. Avoid it.

    • FrizzHed

      Multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation, including upregulation of cytokines associated with asthma, allergy, and inflammation. 6,11 Animal studies also show altered structure and function of the liver, including altered lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as cellular changes that could lead to accelerated aging and possibly lead to the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). 7,8,10 Changes in the kidney, pancreas and spleen have also been documented. 6,8,10 A recent 2008 study links GM corn with infertility, showing a significant decrease in offspring over time and significantly lower litter weight in mice fed GM corn.8 This study also found that over 400 genes were found to be expressed differently in the mice fed GM corn. These are genes known to control protein synthesis and modification, cell signaling, cholesterol synthesis, and insulin regulation. Studies also show intestinal damage in animals fed GM foods, including proliferative cell growth9 and disruption of the intestinal immune system.6


    • nate

      The problem isn’t necessarily that ingesting GMOs is harmful to your physical health. it is that GMOs are developed to withstand high pesticide concentrations to make it easier to kill weeds and pests without harming the crop. The pests develop tolerances so stronger pesticides are required so GMOs are made heartier and the cycle continues. Before long we’re dumping exponentially more pesticides into the environment and that IS harmful to everyone’s health. Note that Monsanto makes roundup as well as GMO seeds.

      • StuRuckus

        So the slippery slope course applies here? Hmmm. Can you take responsibility for the people that will starve because of sustainability issues without the “GMO” foods?

    • Bigguns McGee

      Yes, biodiversity is never a good thing. Nothing bad could happen 🙂

    • bob

      The sugar isn’t even present in the final product. At least not in large amounts. HFCS is Fructose and Glucose, which are quickly consumed by yeast when the wort is fermented, being simple sugars. However, there are some complex sugars that make it into the final fermented beer for some styles.

  • prbennett

    Are you saying that caramel class 3 & 4 are known carcinogens?

  • Steve

    This is a bit of a stretch in regards to the fish bladders… You’re referring to Isinglass, a form of collagen used as a fining agent that helps remove suspended solids and clarify beer and wine. Yes, it is derived from fish bladders. It is widely used by homebrewers. Would you prefer they use a synthetic alternative or some sort of chemical?

    • A lot of people, not just vegans, would like to know what’s in their food and drinks, and where it comes from. Some people just prefer to keep any ingredients that come from animals, fish or insects out of their drinks.

      • Bill

        Its ALARMING to know here in the US we have had TRUTH in advertising laws for decades, yet lag decades behind most the world regarding TRUTH in labeling laws! Shouldn’t every individual have the basic CHOICE to KNOW exactly WHAT it is we are putting into our bodies(?) No two people are going to agree on every ingredient, but I sure as hell would like to have the freedom of choice when it comes to KNOWING exactly what I am (or am not) putting into my body (or my childrens bodies)! Actually this article is just the tip of the iceberg… is it any wonder WHY one of the greatest nations on earth has such an ALARMING number of UNHEALTHY people(?)

    • Myles

      You got here before me….there are some good points here, but is anyone really shocked that cheap crappy beer is made with cheap crappy ingredients?

      • 20yrstartelreader

        beg to quibble, Myles. Regular yellow belly Coors beer is not on the list and is relatively inexpensive ($20 for an 18 pack at Walmart). Ditto somewhat more expensive XX from dusty and water scarce Monterrey, MX. Aside: now that Guiness Draft is w/o the hi fruct c.s. and it’s clarifier seems to be safe … why still on the list?

    • Missy Victoria

      Fish swim bladders.. aka float. Nothing to do w urine.

  • Heroic Hal

    “Being made from a carcinogen” doesn’t mean “is a carcinogen”. Note that cooked yucca (cassava) is made from raw, unprocessed yucca, which is toxic.

  • charlie umberto

    Unreal, the rest of the world is banning GMOs while the U.S. is lagging years behind. We should ask why is this the case. Is it possible that we have a stumbling block called politicians? Possibly, because of outside interests, pressure is put upon them to vote against anything related to GMOs that will inform the U.S. people what they are eating and drinking. (NOTE: See the movie Casino Jack for clarification)
    Europe does not stand for this nonsense hence biochemical companies like Monsanto,Dupont & Bayer are not allowed to do business and employ the tactics of pressuring farmers to use their GMO seeds as they do in the states. IMO

    rest of the world is banning GMOs everywhere, while USA is lagging
    years behind, and only several states offer GMO labeling laws. – See
    more at:
    rest of the world is banning GMOs everywhere, while USA is lagging
    years behind, and only several states offer GMO labeling laws. – See
    more at:
    rest of the world is banning GMOs everywhere, while USA is lagging
    years behind, and only several states offer GMO labeling laws. – See
    more at:

    • James Buchy

      In other words, SOME European governments are suckers for the “junk science lobby”.

      • Bigguns McGee

        Most European governments, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the list goes on. Sure, it has nothing to do with huge lobbying efforts to deceive Americans and prevent them from even knowing what’s in their food.

    • John_Wayne_American

      They Ban it for economic reasons and blame it on “so called Scientific reasons” their farmers don’t want to compete with world grain markets, so they toss the red herring GMO out there, and block the importation of foreign grains. Th consumer pays double for domestic grains, and the local farm lobby is happy.

    • Jonesin’

      The stumbling block is ‘George Soros’…..need I say more?

  • bazzerman

    Stop drinking Guiness and Newcastle Brown Ale? You must be mad – some of the drinks that you list I would hesitate to call beer, no matter what the manufacturers say – is Bud really a beer?

  • Darryl Kensley

    Awesome article! Surprised to see Guinness on the list!

  • ScotNot

    In what world has high fructose corn syrup been banned from drinks? That one ‘fact’ shot a fatal hole in this article.

  • Holly Petrie

    So where does Blue Moon fall on this list?

    • MVEMNT


    • Feel free to do some research and let us know. As you can see, others would like to know as well. Curiosity is a great reason to open up a book (or the web in this case)!

  • James Buchy

    Quite possibly the stupidest list I have ever read. There is NOT ONE SHRED of evidence that GMOs are harmful in any way. And “natural flavors” is on the list? Look up “naturalistic fallacy” while you’re at it.

    • FrizzHed

      “Multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation, including upregulation of cytokines associated with asthma, allergy, and inflammation. Animal studies also show altered structure and function of the liver, including altered lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as cellular changes that could lead to accelerated aging and possibly lead to the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Changes in the kidney, pancreas and spleen have also been documented. A recent 2008 study links GM corn with infertility, showing a significant decrease in offspring over time and significantly lower litter weight in mice fed GM corn. This study also found that over 400 genes were found to be expressed differently in the mice fed GM corn. These are genes known to control protein synthesis and modification, cell signaling, cholesterol synthesis, and insulin regulation. Studies also show intestinal damage in animals fed GM foods, including proliferative cell growth9 and disruption of the intestinal immune system.”

      http://aaemonline.org/ gmopost. html

      Does this translate to humans? Not proven or disproven yet, but your “not one shred of evidence” has been, um, shredded.

      • StuRuckus

        Was this a double blind study? Were all the animals in question kept in an environment with no outside interference? What were the control groups like? Where is this evidence. Cite sources please. Did you really link to some horrible website from the nineties? If they’re so smart maybe they could write some decent php. Sorry, I digress. I like your copypasta btw.

      • StuRuckus

        You didn’t “shred” anything, you didn’t cite sources, so you have failed to make me believe that you have any idea that what you are talking about even happened. Plus, this food the animals were fed, it didn’t happen to be hotpockets, because that stuff tears me up too.

    • James, there needs to be just as much (and a lot more) evidence for GMOs as there are against it. People don’t want to be the lab rats. The problem with GMOs and any other modification of natural foods, is that the effects can hardly ever be pinned down on GMOs or anything else. As there are thousands of other things that could cause a “malfunction” within your body.

      When they are putting GMOs in food, and literally spend millions AGAINST labeling their own “world saving” ingredients, that is a red flag in almost any person’s book. Not to mention all the flaws that are always popping up, like bugs having already evolved immunity to GMO corn.

    • Dee

      “Natural Flavors” is another name for MSG !

  • J. Marston

    Any opinions on Finnigan’s Irish Amber? Its my fav casual drink and would hate to see it stuffed with bad stuff…

  • michael wikan

    Queue hysterical anti gmo BS. Humans have been modifying plant genetics for thousands of years via crossbreeding. The fact is without gmo crops and advanced fertilization techniques more than half of humanity would starve to death immediately. So unless you are willing to take -personal- responsibility for a few Billion deaths, shut up.

    There is a lot of hysteria about gmo effects but not a shred of evidence that stands up under examination.

    Just more hippie-luddite anti technological Gaea worship.

    • Bigguns McGee

      Tell me more how humans were splicing DNA thousands of years ago. I’m all ears.

      • TheWhitechapelStalker

        They weren’t “splicing” DNA as you call it, but thy have been manipulating things like corn and animals by genetic means. There is no proof that GMOs are harmful only anecdotal evidence. Knowing what I know, I can’t trust anyone that doesn’t cite references, sources, or have anything useful to say other than “Ermahgerd GMOs!”. Becoming hysterical about things that haven’t happened is sad.

        • arnold

          Has geoengineering “happened”?

      • Brad Buhrkuhl

        The difference between splicing and breeding is simple. One is precision based science and the other is just random hoping it works. The outcome is the same though. Different genetics. Just with splicing you know EXACTLY what you are getting: just the protein you want. With breeding, it is a crap shoot. There might be hundreds if not thousands of other differences.

      • Vikon99

        You modify dna by crossbreeding strains of plants or animals to add traits to them not in the original version. It’s been going on since man domesticated wolves into dogs and ended up with pomeranians. It’s what you learn in grade school. (Rolls eyes)

        These hysterical granola munching eco-hipsters hipsters kill me.

    • FloppyDrive

      A good question would be – why do you come to an organic website to troll people? Food is a choice for me. I choose to eat organic. While it may be true that corn DNA is so ‘polluted’ that there is no such thing as non-GMO, I choose corn that has the least amount of pesticides. You can eat all the corn that makes its own pesticides. Anecdotal evidence is good enough for me – when in doubt, err on the side of caution. DDT is good for you? Monsanto is your friend?

  • Jd Creager

    Do you have any idea what GMO really is?? It is simply hybrid plants, College students are paid to cut tassles from corn plants and then the tassles are brushed on other corn plants.

    google Native American corn, ears were about 3 inches long, poorly developed and you could not eat it, it had to be ground to make a paste.

    Same for Barley and Wheat and rice.. If you stopped eating everything that was called GMO you would starve.

    Your stupid house dog is a GMO product, thats right its also called selective breeding.

    • samthor

      Nice try, Monsanto…..

    • Bigguns McGee

      DNA splicing is different than hybridization. To link them is disingenuous at best.

      • Werner Heisenberg

        They are entirely identical, only one is faster and more precise. As the parent poster pointed out, poodles and Monsanto pest-resistant corn are produced using the exact same techniques, only instead of needing many generations and having the messy job of getting increasingly smaller and more annoying dogs to get it on with each other, you can do it in one generation in a lab. If you want to hate Monsanto because they are evil and shitty, I’m with you, but don’t trash science in the process.

    • Pete

      That is called “hybridization” or cross pollination. GMO is DNA of non organic Glyphosate added to an existing plant structure.

      • Werner Heisenberg

        Can you explain how in this strange land of yours you can have “DNA of non-organic Glyphosate”? I’m very curious how a non-organic pesticide acquires DNA, and why it would even need it.

    • Steve McElroy

      Thank you!

    • CTReader

      I don’t want ROUNDUP in our food! We do organic & non-GMO in our house for good reason!

    • Sunny

      It’s a well documented fact that the world will have enough to eat food grown in the conventional way. Get an idea of what GMO is, man.

    • Bill

      I use to think along the same lines but then I WOKE THE HELL UP! I strongly urge/beg of you to PLEASE Google MONSANTO and do some additional fact checking on the GMO topic before continuing to lead anymore innocent people down a very dangerous path. Hybridizing and crossbreeding are EXTREMELY different processes than the GMO process!!! It’s one thing to crossbreed a plant or animal to achieve an “interesting” new species …HOWEVER… when you “GMO” (GENETICALLY MODIFY) billions of plant seeds in a lab to start producing their own TOXIC WEED KILLER as they grow… its just a matter of time before that TOXIC WEED KILLER makes it s way through the food chain and ends up on your plate… and it gets worse… Humans aren’t the only one’s effected… studies are beginning to show that GMO plants may be having an ALARMING & DEVASTATING impact on the CRUCIALLY BENEFICIAL pollinating insect population such as Bees, etc…). If you can spare just 5 minutes… I again urge you to PLEASE Google MONSANTO, GMO & BEES… you will be very glad you did!

  • Jo

    Watch out for those Natural Flavors!!

  • Matt

    I can tell you with certainty that Budweiser has rice and Busch has corn, not vice versa like the article states. It even says so on the label. Also, as others have stated, isinglass is perfectly harmless. Very shoddy research here.

  • Heinekin contains enough adjuncts to be known as the Hangover King, yet it’s listed as a good alternative…along with every yuppie micro-brew in sight.
    The article fails to mention that ANY beer brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, or Purity Act (Germany) will be chemical-free, and contain only whole, natural ingredients. There are beers brewed in the States that follow these guidelines-NONE of which are mentioned.

    • Heineken is listed because it does not use GMO ingredients in its beer. It’s a good alternative for those who may not see any other alternatives at their local bars / liquor stores.

      As always, we encourage users to share their knowledge, so we can all learn from each other. This article was submitted by a user who took their time and did their best in collecting the information. There are obviously a ton more healthier alternatives which we did not discover, so I am sure a lot of people would appreciate it if you shared what you know.

  • Rudy

    is funny how there is no mentioned that all of these contains…. well… how to put it… ALCOHOL 😉

    • Bigguns McGee

      Why would you want to drink beer and avoid alcohol?

      • mp

        Alcohol is a known carcinogen, which can’t be said for any of the things the article is warning you about.

  • johncocktoaston

    Since all of these beers suck except for Guinness, I am interested to know just how much HFCS is actually in Guinness, the fish bladder thing doesn’t worry me.

  • paul

    This posts has so many holes in it it used words like “may” cause cancer and its trying to say dont buy domestic beer. Well atleast I dont see my two favorite Yeungling and Sam Adams!

    • beckernet

      I was looking for Yeungling, too. Surprised a big name like Sam Adams wasn’t reviewed, too.

  • Paul Hopkins

    All corn is genetically modified, corn as we know it doesn’t even exist in nature. It was bread from a plant that is totally different from what we know as corn today.

  • Beerdrinker

    Drinking alcohol in general can be harmful to your health so why don’t we just stop drinking it altogether….

  • holliewolf

    Guinness does not use high fructose corn syrup, I wrote and asked them, here is the response I got back:

    Thank you for taking time to contact Guinness. Your feedback is important to us.

    In response to your inquiry, no, we do not use high fructose corn syrup in Guinness Beer anywhere around the world. If there is anything else we could help you with now or in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Once again, thank you for contacting Guinness.


    Guinness Consumer Care Representative

    • cujo

      Oh John <3 you are a saint. *sips Guinness*

  • Mike

    The people over at worldtruth.tv ripped off your article word for word, just to let you know. That and your article is woefully lacking sources to argue in favor of your opinion; The ATSDR statement makes no mention of the concerns you brought up on Propylene Glycol.

  • TheWhitechapelStalker

    I love the lack of knowledge and understanding about what has chemicals in it and what “GMO”s are. It’s sad, but hey, live how you want.

    • Would you say the same to your kids? Probably not. If you know something that the rest of us don’t seem to be getting, instead of criticizing others for not understanding, you should use this time to enlighten and present them with facts. If they choose to accept this evidence, then great, if not, at least you’ve tried. But no one likes someone who just stands there, watches and judges without being helpful or trying to make a change.

      There’s a reason why the comments section is added. It’s so we can contribute information and share it with others in an effort to better ourselves. Providing your opinion, putting down the author or others, is not as helpful as providing evidence and facts and keeping any personal feelings out of it.

  • PCamuck

    There are many reasons to never drink most of these beers. GMO are the least of them. The main one being they are crappy beers.

  • SponsoredByMicroBrewsOfAmerica

    How about doing some research and not basing your article on another article that GUESSES at what companies are including in their beer? That would make a world of difference.

  • All information and everything new is not “new” at all. They all come from things that already exist. There is nothing wrong in using another article as reference. We are here to share information and to grow our knowledge. While the author did their best making sure that the sources are reputable, that doesn’t meant that some of the information can’t be incorrect. Welcome to the internet. Do your own research, come share with us, and we’ll be more than happy to update the post as new facts unravel.

  • George Klean

    Actually this article like the media twist’s and stretches the real truths to benefit themselves…It only makes me doubt everything stated here and creates a reverse effect. It’s why i’ve been staying away from anything so called organic. If i didn’t grow it in my very own garden, i wouldn’t call it Organic. No one knows what they really use during their growing process…Organic growers are just as corrupt as any big business including our Government….:-)

  • Jtaras

    “High fructose corn syrup has been long banned from many stores and drinks.”
    On what planet????
    Get grip on yourself. This is propaganda, slamming ALL of the domestic beers and marketing beers we never heard of, except Sierra Nevada and Heineken.
    So, THEY must have commissioned this study!

    • Here’s our response to the initial sentence you quoted:

      The author of the article probably did not mean banned as in by law. However, some stores such as Whole Foods, list them among “unacceptable ingredients for food” and choose not to allow products containing HFCS in their stores. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/about-our-products/quality-standards/unacceptable-ingredients-food

      Also, many drinks choose to no longer use HFCS as a part of their ingredients. As of 2009, Snapple is one of them.

      As for your last point, Organics.org doesn’t stand to profit regardless of what beers are on this list, or even how many people read the article. The fact that the author listed beers that you have not heard of, is not a bad thing. Many beers are on this list are made in microbreweries and are not owned by large companies. Thus, they are able to focus on creating higher quality products. The only reason Sierra Nevada and Heineken were probably listed, is because bars don’t usually offer the microbrewery beers, and those are the only non-gmo alternatives left.

      If you can provide some evidence against any of the beers listed, we’ll be sure to add a note next to them or remove them altogether.

  • Organics.org does not get paid by anyone to provide free content to its users. As a matter a fact, we did / and do pay a lot of money in creating this website and maintaining it as it grows. The purpose is simple, it’s so we can learn from one another and create a healthier environment.

    “If i didn’t grow it in my very own garden, i wouldn’t call it Organic” – I don’t disagree with your stance, but the fact is, unfortunately, not everyone is going to grow their own food. So what’s the best option that is available besides your local farmers? It’s organic food at the local food store, as it has some kind of guidelines and regulations.

    As stated in several posts, we highly encourage everyone to grow their own food, instead of spending the same time and money in maintaining their empty lawns.

  • Jim Gilmore

    Fish bladder is used to produce gelatin. The same gelatin you use when you make JELL-O.

  • John Delcourt

    I’d like to see Peak Organic Brewing Company listed as a preferred choice.


  • brisketman

    According to the International Program on Chemical Safety, caramel color does not exhibit carcinogenic properties. I wouldn’t base things off of California’s Proposition 65 as it is not held to the same scientific standards as many scientific organizations.

  • Al

    GMO’s have still not proven to be harmful for your health , I am still waiting for veritable truth on this.

  • Jen

    I contacted Sam Adams and got some great information from them: Thank you for your question regarding the ingredients in our beer. When a drinker contacts us, we take their words as seriously as we brew our beer.

    We do not add any preservatives to our beer, nor do we use any adjuncts (sugar, rice, and corn), which lighten and cheapen it. Our beers are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Samuel Adams Boston Lager was the first American beer to pass the German Beer Purity Law also known as the Reinheitsgebot. The Reinheitsgebot requires German brewers to only use the traditional ingredients found in beer: water, malt, hops and yeast. Samuel Adams Boston Lager consists of 4 ingredients: Water, a special Samuel Adams blend of two-row malted barley, Bavarian hops, Hallertau Mittelfrueh and Tettnanger, and proprietary Samuel Adams lager yeast. To add additional complexity to our brews, some of our other recipes use spices or fruit (not to be confused with adjuncts) including vanilla, grains of paradise, cinnamon, chocolate, rose hips, lemon zest, and orange peel.

    Because we do not use any preservatives, we strive for freshness at Samuel Adams. This is why all of our beers have a freshness dating that gives a recommended date to consume by. Although beer doesn’t expire in the sense that milk does, we believe freshness is a fundamental component of any quality beer.

    We hope this answers your question. Thanks again for contacting us, and please continue to enjoy Samuel Adams beer knowing we use only the finest quality ingredients!

  • brian

    Glyphosate is a herbicide, hot a pesticide

    • cujo

      evading the question brian. and herbicides are still pesticides.
      also it definitely makes 0 sense that an inorganic anything will have DNA. I believe the sentence you were looking for may be that they spliced the DNA so the plant would produce glyphosate or be resistant to it, I forget exactly what it is.

  • CraftBeerEnthusiast

    I am very surprised that in this entire list of comments, no one has mentioned the fact that the vast majority of craft beer does not contain GMO products or any of the other additives mentioned (with the exception of fish bladder – isinglass). Most craft beers only contain water, yeast, hops, and barley. GMO hops do not exist, and GMO barley is certainly not common (I’m not even sure that it exists). There are also often additives to the water to produce specific levels of hardness, etc… but nothing that wouldn’t already be found in tap water.

    Other grains commonly used by craft brewers include wheat and rye, and neither of these represent common GMO crops either. If concerned about GMOs, you really only need to avoid macro beers because those are almost the only beers brewed using rice and corn. There are very few exceptions for some craft beer styles, like cream ales, which do use corn in the brewing process.

    So, in short, drink craft beer… and don’t limit yourself to the few brands listed at the end of this article!

  • LimitedCentralGov

    Beer making is a simple but fairly exacting art. Most of the grain sugars are converted to other products by the type of yeast used. Then we have Hops of several different varieties. All very different and producing different flavours. Table sugar makes a lot of acetone based products which leave your head extra sore. The Corn Sugar is nearly all converted to ethanol and carbon dioxide (pressure and fizz which makes the head form). Malt from grain is mainly converted to alcohol and the proteins, vitamins and minerals. A real shame the filter most of the really good part out to achieve uniformity and clarity. Like anything don’t judge it by what it takes to make it. End result analysis would be more credible. Anything else is only theory.

    If it contains anything but yeast, hops, water, and malt from grain. It can’t be legally or honestly called beer. That’s on most of the packaging.

  • Howie

    Not true that no laboratory studies prove the deleterious effects of gmo food. In one major study rats that were fed strictly gmo food died a year or so later of cancer and tumors. Rats fed non gmo lived out natural life spans between 2 to 3 years.



  • Captain Obvious

    It’s funny that everyone is arguing about the health value of GMOs and fish bladder in a drink who’s primary active ingredient is poison….. if you’re willing to drink that, in moderation or not, why not the other crap?

  • Bill

    In reply to some of the folks INCORRECTLY posting information about GMO’s…)
    I use to think along the same lines as you but then I WOKE THE HELL UP! I strongly urge/beg of you to PLEASE Google MONSANTO and do some additional fact checking on the GMO topic before continuing to lead anymore innocent people down a very dangerous path. Hybridizing and crossbreeding are EXTREMELY different processes than the GMO process!!! It’s one thing to crossbreed a plant or animal to achieve an “interesting” new species… HOWEVER… when you “GMO” (GENETICALLY MODIFY) billions of plant seeds in a lab to start producing their own TOXIC WEED KILLER as they grow… it is just a matter of time before that TOXIC WEED KILLER makes it s way through the food chain and ends up on your plate… and it gets worse… Humans aren’t the only one’s effected… studies are beginning to show that GMO plants may be having an ALARMING & DEVASTATING impact on CRUCIALLY BENEFICIAL pollinating insects such as Bees, etc… If you can spare just 5 minutes… I again urge you to PLEASE Google MONSANTO, GMO & BEES… you will be very glad you did!

  • Lance

    What about Peak Organic? Is it any good?

  • MausP

    that’s why german beers are the best: only water, hops, malt and yeast…
    forget that american crap…

  • Richard

    The plants don’t produce their own pesticides or herbicides, they are resistant to the aforementioned. I can understand your uncertainty with pesticides and herbicides but genetic modification is not inherently harmful. I don’t think these people are trying to troll; they probably saw this article on facebook, were skeptical (as we all should be about the entire internet) and decided to bring some of the facts to light while these websites try to spread pseudoscience and scare you with scary buzzwords and bullshit about ingredients you know nothing about. By the way, you should focus more on eating locally regardless of whether the food is GMO, I would contend that the greater detriment to our environment (and thus our collective and individual health) is the transportation of food products as opposed to its production or the manipulation of the DNA of plants or animals for whatever means. Again, I recommend you eat locally and avoid the pesticides and herbicides as opposed to being anal retentive about GMOs. Just my opinion (as a culinary student, organic urban gardener, brewer, and educated consumer).

  • sysfailure0x5a

    This is not true. Often the genes used are from completely different species. The genes put into corn originate from animals, not just plants. Crossbreeding is taking pollen from one plant and putting it on another and selecting the preferred offspring and doing it again. GMO is using a virus to insert the DNA into the plant that originated in a different animal.

  • Paul Maher

    Two other points to consider, 1) is the beer brewed in an area that fluoridates its water? 2) is the beer put in aluminum cans?

  • Jared Flores

    I concur with Steve. isinglass is a natural and important fining agent used pervasively throughout the brewing world. And it’s used to hold together proteins that can then be filtered out of the beer (along with the isinglass). On what basis do you claim that this is harmful?

  • Katie Lee Wood

    I just got done reading an article on Guinness:

    While Diageo, the manufacturer, makes no health claims for the product, scientific research shows a pint of Guinness a day is actually good for your health.
    Indeed it may work as well as a low dose of aspirin to prevent heart attacks.
    Researchers at the University of Wisconsin made the discovery recently.
    The Wisconsin scientists gave Guinness to dogs who had narrowed arteries. They found the Guinness worked as well as aspirin in preventing clots forming.
    The researchers told a convention of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida, that a pint of Guinness taken at meal time had the best impact.
    They believe that antioxidant compounds in the Guinness are responsible for the health benefits because they decrease harmful cholesterol gathering on the artery walls.

    It does say a pint a day though 🙂

  • RH

    when you say that a said compound is carcinogenic because it is manufactured from 1 or more carcinogenic substances, you have no credibility because of the lack of scientific understanding on your part. most precursors are toxic in some sense. it doesn’t mean that the purified compound is. just sayin, maybe caramel coloring is a health hazard, idk??? but its sure not because some ammonia was used in the manufacturing process.

  • Voice of reason

    Free and natural is a fallacy. The products in the world are cheaper because of unhealthy ingredients and bad products. If you want good AND healthy, IT WON’T BE FREE. Don’t believe the ads on this site.

  • Rick

    I don’t know how old this is or if something has changed but the michelob ultra site lists 4 ingredients and dextrose isn’t one of them.

  • svede


  • Daniel Key


  • MLK221

    Started to drink Pabst blue ribbon 3 weeks ago, this shit made my stomach hurt for a week before I realized it was the beer and not stomach flu or some like that… Never had any issue with beers before and I had a lot different from different countries.
    100% positive PBR is harmful!! If you read that, you warned.

  • Veteran

    I used to drink beer frequently. I developed several endocrine abnormalities. Since I stopped drinking beer, my lab levels are moving back toward optimal levels. Doctors are most often “range readers”. If your labs are in “normal range” then you are normal, regardless of your symptoms.

    Labs are averages, learn how they are arrived at #1.
    #2. 90% of your diagnosis used to be, and still should be arrived at by doctor’s examination, your symptoms, and ONLY 10% verified by lab values. Doctors are lazy, they depend on lab values, that are determined by a big pharma…

    Corporations that profit from your illness, sub-clinical suffering are defining the medical treatment in America…. Doctors married to the medical matrix are the leading cause of under treated human suffering in America.

  • riverstrat .

    Miller High life ? My favorite, no preservatives, but does it have HFC ? All the rest of the evil stuff in it
    So some of these beers are cheap , are the healthier ones 4 times the price of the basic Coors, Bud etc

  • Captain Obvious

    Those beers also contain alcohol which will kill your liver

  • Ced Truz

    Did this really list “natural flavors” as a bad thing? Lmfao

  • Jeff Trigger

    I find it hilarious that beer is marketed as GMO at all. Barley has obviously undergone changes, either by man or by nature, but by either, it’s a change. Hops unless they are Cluster hops, are definitely modified, the strains of most modern hops are cross bred. Also, Newcastle no longer uses coloring. The fish bladders – obviously people know nothing of brewing. It’s a fining agent, and doesn’t make the bottle. Lastly, if you’re so concerned about your health, why are you drinking beer in the first place? It’s terrible for you.

  • Brian Blair

    No wonder Budweiser taste like crap now! I did notice around 2006-2007 that it was bitter and nasty. It figures they would ruin one of the last American traditions we have left! Friggin Animals!

  • reflexorozy

    Guinness no longer contains isinglass. Newcastle Brown Ale does.

  • Roisin Neely

    Guinness needs to be updated, they’re changing production so they won’t need to use isinglass anymore

  • Phleb
  • Missy Victoria

    Lots of breweries put formaldehyde in their beers. Hopefully those in these GMO-free and non-organic lists do that. But, I know Budweiser does.. and there are quite a few others who do, as well. Can’t be good for human consumption. I usually stick to German brews.

  • orion-was-here

    Wow clearly this site is trolled by GMO “food” lobbyist. Let the gmo lovers eat it up & then wonder why they have failing health & digestive problems @ 50 years old.

  • Chris

    It’s not a significant ingredient, it’s a natural kettle fining agent. It is above an away a better alternative to the vast majority of fining agents used in the brewing industry and astronomically better than those used in others such as juice. Brewers don’t keep isinglass a secret.

  • D. Mount

    All beers are pasteurized

    • Reese Daniel

      Pastuerization destroys any health benefits one might of gotten. Evil disguised as good.

  • Tim Davis

    Economics does not work that way…it would become more expensive

  • Keith Murphy

    Guinness has now past as Vegan Friendly. They have removed the Isinglass from there ingredients.

  • Adam Radford

    Good to know.

  • Reese Daniel

    Bill: AGREED WHOLEHEARTEDLY!! They are obviously covertly poisoning us. Beer today (the mass produced junk) doesn’t even taste the same anymore (like 25 – 30 years ago). It’s like a cheap parady of it’s original self. They’ve replaced the 4 basic ORGANIC ingredients with gmo rice and corn along with all the other 100 PERCENT UNNECESSARY TOXIC CRAP. It would actually be cheaper for these bastards to use the original 4 ingredients, which makes it readily apparent that this is part of a covert genocide attack. Along with the toxic food and water supply. Of course it’s done slowly over time like the frog in the pot so that most people just don’t see it and when you point it out they just shoot the messenger and continue along their merry way.

    • peter bjornerud

      We must blame the lobbyist for the sugar industry . How come beer is not labeled with ingredients. i only drink German beer as they are required to only use 4 pure ingredients.

  • Reese Daniel

    ErixTheRed: What the heck is wrong with the FOUR ORIGINAL INGREDIENTS used to make beer the PROPER WAY back when it TASTED GOOD and not like the cheap, crappy, hairspray tasting GARBAGE they are peddling today? Hmm?

    WOW the psychopaths, trolls and shills have infested this blog. Obviously, this is a subject the powers that shouldn’t be want to keep under wraps for obvious reasons (aka covert genocide).

  • Ivan Outtahier

    How many people that have a problem with GMOs are ok with making Genetically Modified Babies, like selecting sex, hair color and eye color? Hm-m, I wonder.