800 year old squash extinct1
800 year old squash extinct1

800-Year-Old Extinct Squash is Brought Back to Life

Something like straight out of a Jurassic Park movie, an extinct “species” of squash was recently brought back to life. It all began as a hunt for archaeological findings in Menemonee Reservatio, Wisconsin.


After hours of digging, the archaeologists found a clay pot that didn’t look too promising.


However, they later found that the pot was over 800 years old and contained strange seeds.


The seeds were planted to see if 800-year-old seeds could still produce something.


The result amazingly awesome Ancient Squash.


The squash was named “Gete Okosomin” which roughly means “Really Cool Old Squash” or “Big Old Squash”.


Previously extinct squash has been brought to life and Gete Okosomin is proof that heritage seeds are a viable food source that is able to survive for centuries. Not to mention that  it is a sure-fire way to know that your crops will be GMO-free!

Source: Off The Grid News