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African peanut sweet potato kale soup

Another recipe by Alicia! African peanut sweet potato kale soup…


Although the picture may seem not too attractive, it’s an explosion of flavors. Organic kale is just one of the healthiest greens ever invented, and combined with sweet potato and peanut butter it tastes like heaven. That’s right, peanut butter in a soup. Never tried it? Go make this dish now!

– 750gr organic sweet potato (about three biggies or four smaller ones, in cubes, leave the peel on! It has the most flavor, fibers and vitamins)
– Organic coconut/olive oil
– 2 organic sweet onions, chopped
– 1 organic spicy green Spanish capsicum pepper
– 750gr organic kale
– 2 litre organic vegetable broth
– 100gr all natural peanut butter (or more, depending on your liking of peanut butter. I like it A LOT)
– 2T saté spice mix (or home-mix coriander, cumin, powdered garlic, cayenne pepper, nutmeg and galanga root)
– Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

How to
Cook or steam your sweet potato. In a big soup pan, fry your onions and capsicum with some coconut or olive oil until onions get tender and lightly browned. Then, add the kale and broth. Let cook on medium heat for about 15min, until kale is completely cooked. This will give the soup a most silky flavor. Next, add your spices, peanut butter and tender sweet potatoes. Let cook on lower heat for another 15min. Then puree everything with a (hand) blender. At this point your whole house will smell lovely. Put the soup back in the pan and stir a few times. Or what the heck, you can just also pour it into big bowls and dive in immediately. Your belly will love you for this one.

Macros per bowl
– 400kcal
– 50gr carbs
– 15gr protein
– 15gr healthy fat