amys drive thru 810x456
amys drive thru 810x456

Amy’s Just Opened The First Organic and Vegan Drive-Thru in The Country

A revolution may be coming to the nation that’s home to more than 211,000 drive-thrus. Most of which boast about high-quality food on-the-go but fail to deliver on that promise. Well, a family-owned company called Amy’s Kitchen is looking to change all that. Amy’s just opened its first organic and vegetarian restaurant complete with a drive-thru in California.

Since the first day it opened its doors in Rohnert Park, the demand for the restaurant has been overwhelming. Paul Schiefer, the director of operations for Amy’s Kitchen says, “So many people have shown up and it’s giving us a lot of hope that this is a concept that works.”

Indeed, as Amy’s company has gone from selling to organic frozen foods widely available in almost all health stores to opening its own restaurant. It was a big jump that seems to have paid off so far. However, it’s not just the customers who are happy, as Amy’s offers its employees a living wage as well as health benefits.

The menu for the restaurant is completely organic, free of GMOs and vegetarian. The food is sustainably grown and the building features a green-roof. The restaurant is very accommodating to those with special diet needs and the entire menu can be ordered dairy or gluten-free. They offer anything from burgers, burritos, chili, pizza to their own version of mac-n-cheese. Amy’s kitchen is a supporter of GMO labeling initiatives and now a pioneer in the healthy fast-food industry.

Paul says that they may be looking to open more stores in the Bay Area if the demand stays at these levels.

Amy’s Drive-Thru is located at 58 Golf Course Drive West, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 and you can check out more information, including the menu options at