MDL 011
MDL 011

An orange bowl of goodness

This recipe is submitted by Alicia from . She cooks everything as long as it’s organic, natural and healthy! Featured here: an orange bowl of goodness…

The bowl is half a roasted pumpkin (organic, naturally!) with organic chicken, buts and berries.

Orange Bowl of Goodness

– Organic coconut/olive oil
– Half an organic pumpkin squash, cut horizontally, seeds removed with a big spoon or something
– 75gr organic oak leaf lettuce
– 25gr organic and sugar-free sun-dried cranberries
– 125gr smoked chicken filet (ready to eat – go check if they have some at your organic store), cut into squares
– 25gr walnuts (raw)
– 1 garlic glove, mashed
– 1T balsamic vinegar
– 1T caraway seeds
– 1t mustard seeds
– Pink Himalaya salt, freshly ground black pepper, to taste

How to
Massage the pumpkin bowl with coconut oil or olive oil. Next, season your bowl with the garlic, caraway seeds, salt and pepper. Bake circa 30min in a 200°C oven. Then it’s time for the composition of your plate. Put your pumpkin in a bowl that leaves some space around the edges of the squash. Mix lettuce with cranberries, mustard seeds, vinegar and s&p. Drape the salad into the pumpkin bowl and surround it with pieces of smoked chicken and walnuts. Dive into the bowl. Keep on breathing. I know, this is one of the most delicious flavor combo’s you’ve ever eaten. You’re welcome.

Macros, approximately:
– 550kcal
– 50gr carbs
– 40gr protein
– 25gr healthy fat